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Welcome to Target, How May I Help You?

I was at Target tonight, you know, because that’s where I live, looking at some fans for the house. We need one for our spare bedroom (which is not so spare when my step kids are visiting) so I was checking prices on some. A woman who was browsing with a male companion approached me and said “excuse me, do you have any box fans?”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Her: “Do you have any box fans?”

Me: “Me personally? No. I, uh, don’t work here.”

Her: “Oh my gosh, I’m sorry!”

My shirt wasn’t even really red, more brick-ish. Sheesh.

So now I’m thinking I should get a real red shirt, have a nametag made up, and wander the aisles or Target giving bad advice.


7 thoughts on “Welcome to Target, How May I Help You?

  1. Heh. I do that too. Usually, a few days before Christmas, I’ll put on a blue polo shirt and khakis and go down to Best Buy, and then tell everybody who approaches me that we’re having an unadvertised sale Christmas Eve beginning at 7 pm.

    I’m a giver like that.

  2. You’re mean! And if you have a red polo shirt, you can do the same thing at Staples.

    What I should have done is ask her why she was looking for a box fan. That’s so last century.

  3. Jody, you KNOW you are the Target queen. You could have helped them with the fan. Shame on you!

  4. You must have been that look of confidence on your face that convinced them. You must know the store inside and out.

    I am not impressed with the new Best Buy.. lots of TVs, skimpy on other things.. you ? CCity prices are better if you can put up with the help.

  5. I was hoping the new Best Buy would be bigger….much bigger….I was a little disappointed after my first walk-through.

    It didn’t help that we were accosted by over-eager employees every 3 steps determined to help us find something we didn’t need or want.

  6. I’m a gadget addict. Anyone who knows me knows that walking into an electronics store is the equivalent of soaking in a hot bath for me…all my worries wash away the moment I walk through the doors. I also don’t curse an entire chain just because they have a bad reputation.

    That being said, I have spent quite a bit of money at the Leominster Circuit City, and I really like it. I also frequent the CC and BB up in Nashua, although I can’t say for certain which one gets more of my money than the other. I too was disappointed with the quantity of stuff at the new Best Buy. What I had hoped for was a fully stocked large store like the one near the Solomon Pond Mall. This one is more like the electronics department at Target. We went in the day it opened, but I haven’t been back, and that’s really saying something coming from me.

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