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I Don’t Hate Comcast Users

I just found out that anyone from Comcast trying to send me email was getting some sort of bounce message. For like a year now.

It’s not me. I don’t hate you. But something about a bank of mail servers at my hosting company was having a tiff with Comcast and the result was me not getting your email. I apologize. The hosting company says they’ve corrected the problem. After a year.

From now on, if that happens to you and you think it’s a real problem (i.e. the web site is up and running by email bounces) drop a comment on the website telling me your mail bounced. I’d rather fix these sooner rather than later.

Remember, if the site is up and running, email should be too. If the site is down, there’s probably an issue with the hosting company.


One thought on “I Don’t Hate Comcast Users

  1. Just wanted to let you know I have comcast and I have been able to email you without a problem. So maybe it is not all comcast users?

    And good luck with the gnats!

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