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Explosion or Accident?

Mr. Dump tells me that the power went out at home in North Leominster, after he heard a series of “loud booms” that could have been explosions. He saw 5-6 fire trucks and ambulances go by. No idea what it was, but I’m guessing it’s not good. I’d love to hear if anyone knows what happened…

{update: Mr. Dump tells me that he has already spotted two of the fire trucks doing “other things” (engine 3 was at Shaw’s) so maybe it was just the transformer on Prospect Street blowing up a squirrel again.}

{{Another Update: Mr. Dump ran into some guys working the problem who said it was a rabid skunk in the substation. They assume rabid because of the time of day. I can’t think of anything worse than having to clean up a freshly exploded and fried skunk carcass.}}


One thought on “Explosion or Accident?

  1. There was some major blasts going off at Devins this morning. I worked from home and the front window creaked a few times and then one went off and I felt the whole ground thump. After that one, things got quiet. This was much bigger then squirrels, which are gathering nuts this time of year. I put out moth balls the other day so they stopped putting nuts in side my cars.

    BTW – I went to and put in my address and clicked map and when I went to one of the directional views, I fell off my chair. Basically anything bigger than a foot or so is visible. Supposed to be a satellite, but it’s close enough like someone flew over taking pics. Not all of town is like this. Guess I have to watch what I leave outside on a winter clear day…geez..

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