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Ice, Ice, Baby

Sometimes, I assume I’ve already used lines in the title before. But as a creature of habit, I can’t help myself. Plus, it’s hard to come up with original, unique titles for every entry. What am I, the library?

Hmm. Maybe I should change the title to that. But it might be misleading, because if I rename it, the first paragraph won’t be true, so then I’d have to change the title again.

Do you see what I face every day?

We’re in such a lovely weather pattern. The weatherdudes promised us…promised us that the temperature would get above freezing so that the heavier rains expected this afternoon would be just that…rain. Right now it’s 29 degrees outside (Fahrenheit, Anji) so the 7+ hours of rain so far today have just coated every tree and bush until they all seem like a mere glance would shatter the branches and send everything dropping to the ground. This is indeed interesting when you know your drive home is on roads that are lined with lots of huge big giant trees. I am so looking forward to it. I hate hate hate driving in this weather.

So thanks, weatherdudes, for adding to my frown lines. You are so not getting a Christmas card from me.