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Mountains of Hair

Update: She either wasn’t there when I picked him up, or he really didn’t recognize her today. The teacher was as tickled as I was, and she really wanted to know who it was. She apparently thinks he’s the nicest kid to ever walk the planet, which is just the perfect thing to say to a mom. I mean, there’s nothing else that I want to hear.

Anyway, he expanded on the hair thing a little: “It looked like a sand castle”. If I had the time, I’d Photoshop a little something and ask “is this her?” but alas, I don’t have the time or the software.

I’m going to back off asking about this girlfriend cause he has already starting acting self-conscious about it, and I don’t want him to not tell me stuff like this anymore.

p.s. Anyone else picturing the old lady with the big blue beehive hairdo in Better Off Dead? (It was that movie, wasn’t it? She was driving really slowly? I keep thinking it was either that or Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.)