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Sheesh, man. I would like (164) this to stop now. Granted my friend who has had over 400 has trumped me (I hope) on this whole thing. I’m So Over So Big. I know someone who got yelled at by a client for forwarding it. Problem is, you can’t prove that you actually got it from someone just because of the header (we’ve already discussed this here, right?) but the customer is always right, so what do you say? “Stop being an arse, I didn’t send you a virus?” (165 – I am so not making this up, I keep looking at Mailwasher, and a new one arrives. 166)

So should we talk about something else? Busy day fighting a big fire at work. I feel pretty good about my contributions there, I love the work, I love the people…what’s a girl have to do to get an offer to work their full time?


Okay, granted I was on the phone for 15 minutes (170) so writing this has taken a little longer than it should have.

Did I ever mention that when I was a kid I thought that the way to solve the whole “snack” problem at elementary school would be to learn to love eating leaves? Then if I was hungry I could pick one and just eat it? It wouldn’t matter if I forgot a snack or mom didn’t give me one. Snacks were growing in front of me!

The fatal flaws in this plan was that

a) leaves don’t taste good

b) they aren’t very filling

c) this particular snack item is only available for two months of the school year, and

d) if the playground monitor sees you eating leaves they send a note home to your mom.

So ya, I did try it. And the funny thing is that in a mere 12 days, Junior will be playing in the same playground I was back when I did the great leaf experiment of 1974 (or so).