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Things Learned in the Bread Aisle

I was at the grocery store yesterday, picking up the basics, and I needed to get bread. Well, apparently there’s a storm coming cause the shelves were pretty barren. A bread guy (you know, he works for the bakery that makes the bread, not the store, that kind of guy) was standing there and I asked if he handled the brand of bread I was looking for. He told me no, but that delivery guy was there, he’d probably be out in a few minutes. Then he explained that they all deliver on Tuesday because they don’t work on Wednesday. If you buy bread on Tuesday look for the green twist-tie because that’s the stuff right off the truck, and not stuff left from the last delivery. Oh, and if you buy on Sunday, look for the yellow twist tie, for the same reason. He was very helpful, considering I wasn’t going to be buying something from the company he worked for. On the other hand, I used to do grocery merchandising for a cereal company, and it was a long, lonely summer driving from store to store, and I think if someone in the store had started talking to me I would have had a conversation as well.

Oh, and here’s an interesting thing – gas prices dropped 2 cents at my favorite place. Don’t know if they did it to compete with the new Hess, which at one point last week was FOUR cents cheaper than the next cheapest place. But I’ll take a price drop of any kind, thank you. That puts us at $1.59 for regular unleaded, if you’re keeping track.