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We’re Alive and Well

Irene is filling my yard with water and leaves, but nothing more dangerous than that. I did take a video of our sump pump with my iPhone, just to show you how much water is pouring into my basement right now.

Soon, we will start eating our emergency food supplies, burning candles and using anything that requires AA batteries. Just because we can. I think we can make the switch from the local news to the marathon of Power Rangers movies that Fox Movie Channel is featuring today. I mean, if anything is going to make one feel better about the current weather situation, it’s knowing that you don’t have to worry about Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd as long as the Power Rangers are on the job!

For those of you looking for exciting video, I present a brief video of my sump pump saving my basement.


Sunrise Through Fog

I like my commute to New Hampshire (when I work out of that office). There is nothing more typically new England than that commute. This week, I had a couple of great days, with bright sunshine, and peak foliage. That’s when I really appreciate where I live. There was fog one of the two days, and I got this photo from the Stillman Dairy Farm parking lot in Lunenburg MA. (I’d have gone in to buy something, you know, because I was walking around the edge of their parking lot, but I didn’t want to drive a quart of milk up to work.)

Sun Through Fog - Lunenburg MA


Saturday Around The Palace d’Jody

Greetings, my loyal subjects and people who wandered by because they were searching for dumptrucks on Google and thought this looked interesting. I have no dumptrucks for sale. I never did, and probably never will. I feel confident saying that, given that I’m a horrible salesperson. Now when I do eventually own that toystore/amusement park I’ve always wanted, maybe I will have some little toy dumptrucks on the shelf. I reserve the right to sell toy trucks – just not the big real ones.

It’s fifty degrees and raining here today. I left the Palace d’Jody earlier today to get the blood test I forgot to get last week, and I was wearing clothing that was ENTIRELY INAPPROPRIATE FOR THE WEATHER. It really isn’t short sleeved shirt and sandals weather. I came home, put on socks and a nice comfy sweater. It was like putting on a hug. A hug that makes me want to take a nap. A hug that you wish could get up and make lunch for you while you took that nap. Science should really get to work on this, stat.

I have things I could be doing right now. I could be going onto Netflix to adjust my queue. I received a copy of The House Bunny today, which is what reminded me that I’m the person responsible for making sure there are only good movies in my queue, and it’s my own damned fault that this movie was in my mailbox.

I have to go through my Disney photos from the April trip and put some of them online. I have a bunch of photos of the new Bay Lake Towers resort. I miss our room, with its view of the lake. Other than having a castle view from the Contemporary Tower, this may be my new favorite resort view I’ve ever had. While I do love the Savannah views at Animal Kingdom Lodge, it’s not the greatest view when there aren’t any animals.

I have to go grocery shopping, but that’s not even worth talking about. Because I don’t want to do it. I didn’t want to do laundry either, but that doesn’t require me to leave the house, so I already have a load sloshing around happily. If I thought I was going to have to IRON any of it, we’d be wearing disposable clothes right now. Another thing science should get working on.


Heavy Sticky Snow Day

Heavy Sticky Snow Day, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.

As much as I enjoy getting the 6am “there’s no school today” phone call, this one was horrible to clean up. 1 hour to clean the driveway WITH the snowblower. Why yes, there are days that I regret not buying a truck with a plow, why do you ask?


Weathergirl Jody

When I left work today, I looked up at the sky and the sun was hidden behind a kind of misty fog. Normally that means “snow is coming” but I said to myself “well, that’s not possible so I guess I’m not as good a weathergirl as I thought.” But then I just read that it’s snowing in CT and headed this way. So suck on that, Accuweather! I predicted it without fancy computer equipment!


Snow. In October.

Why am I happy about this?


Worst Reason to Cancel Baseball Practice

Junior has practice tomorrow. We heard it might snow. You know, people, by Tax Week, we should have all this snow nonsense behind us. [Yes, of course I know it’s not unheard of – our Lamaze class was filled with the result of the Unnamed 4/1 Snowstorm of ’97. Not us, we were due a couple of weeks after everyone else. I’ve told you that before. I’m not making it up.]

I have less than a week until I’m on vacation. I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to make it until then before bursting from anticipation and packing-avoidance. You know, the usual.


I Told You So

And THIS is why the sandals are still in the closet. Stupid weather. The shedding of February for March was a total ripoff. Listen, March, you only get one chance to make a first impression.


You Know What This Week Needs?

It needs some snow. I don’t think there is enough out there. I am looking at the frozen blocks of snow still stuck to my driveway, and I think “there has to be a way to make them more annoying than they already are. What is the best way to go about that? And then I remembered how annoying it is to try to remove snow when there are still strips of ice in the driveway (because most of my driveway is in the shade most of the year). Snow! Snow would be perfect. I just wish there was a way for me to get some snow…


Tonight? Into tomorrow?

Now we’re talkin!


Shaws Was Not a War Zone

All the locals know we’re expecting “Death Storm 2009” tomorrow. Or maybe “Sprained Ankle Storm 2009”. Something ominous. Something that looks flashy on the news. Operation Snowflake? I’ll keep working on that.

As a rule, if snow is forecast, the grocery stores are ransacked for French toast ingredients (milk, bread, eggs – issues formal French Toast alerts. I use the UH warning system to determine whether or not it’s time to stock up on syrup.

As usual, we haven’t done the weekly shopping yet, and we were out of half and half, an unacceptable situation. Even though we’re at red alert, I have to have coffee in the morning or my address will be in the news by tomorrow night.

I dragged Birthday Boy to the store. On the way, he says I’m only allowed to buy 10 or fewer things so we can go through the fast line. This old game. Sure. I tell him that I will only be buying three things and then we keep picking up more and more stuff and he gets annoyed with me but I am such a great actress I can pretend that I had every intention of only buying three things when I know that is not the case. I deserve an award of some kind.

The parking lot was empty. The store was neat as a pin [what the he’ll does THAT mean?] and fully stocked. Should I assume everyone got an updated weather bulletin. Oh, and for the record – 10 items exactly, and I didn’t even have to count the buy one get one free English muffins as a single item. Of course, that means I did not get to emote. Maybe next time.


I Didn’t Vote For Snow!

This is not good. I have things to do! I have to drive to the vet because we accidentally left our game guide to Little Big Planet there the other day and at midnight last night I got very frustrated because I couldn’t make a piston work by proximity trigger and the book would have helped!

I also want to go to the book store because I have a gift card burning a hole in my pocket. The good kind of errands. We’re supposed to go to my sister’s this evening, so do I take the pot roast and throw it in the crock pot this morning in case we can’t make it? Of course, I have no idea how much we’re expecting, either.

I am in the mood for a brownie and it’s only ten a.m. Do you think a piece of toast will fill that hole?