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Today’s “Video Clip that Made Jody Cry”

I’m such a sap. This is the kind of thing that makes my husband laugh at me, which is why I cannot watch Field of Dreams with him any more. It doesn’t matter how many times I watch it, I always cry.

This is a link to a video of two guys a the lion they raised from a cub until they released him into the wild. This video is 40 years old, put to a modern soundtrack – you can watch without sound. Very safe for work unless you’re the kind of person who cries watching Magic Kingdom commercials when the kids see Mickey for the first time. Ya, that’s me too.

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My New Ringtone

[*Updated to fix the broken links*]

I rule. I now have the Mr. Deity theme song as my ringtone, just like Mr. Deity does (except when he has Elton John’s “The Bitch is Back”).

“Who is Mr. Deity?” you ask?

Mr. Deity may be the greatest thing since sliced bread. If you really want a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to be The Deity and to create the heavens and earth and whether or not we’re really supposed to take Sundays off, you should hike over to the Mr. Deity site and either watch the copies there or download the podcast to take it with you wherever you go on your video-enabled iPod.

I’m still floored that something this good is available for free.

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Mortified: Angst Written

Ask anyone who wrote a journal (or letters) when they were a pre-teen or a teenager and they will tell you it was deep and meaningful and captured the deep and important moments of one’s life. Okay, so fast forward and read some of those journal entries and cringe, baby. Wait, you didn’t write one? Well you have to go share the love at Mortified: Angst Written.

This site is a multi-media journal karaoke for the ages. Real people (some celebs, some not) read from their original journals. The real words. The real feelings. It is as funny as you might imagine.

I doubled over with laughter watching this month’s featured video. Real Live Actors perform a script written back when the author was 15. Kevin McDonald’s part made me weep with laughter (I love his work, but the lines he was given were the real star here.)

So that’s my fun link for the weekend. And don’t even tell me that it doesn’t make you want to go look for your old notebooks and journals!

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Attack of the Gnomes

Longtime fans of the Big DumpTruck know that I have odd obsessions. Some come and some go. Some appear to come and go because I don’t talk about them as much as I used to. Michael “Lord of the Dance” Flatley, ice cream trucks, and Adam West come to mind (because I used to do a weekly Lord of the Dance update and talk about Adam West sightings, which I don’t do any more. I still love them both.)

My current obsession is with garden gnomes. I’m not sure how it happened, but it did. I love them. I don’t own any, but that’s part of the appeal. Not having one means I get to focus my life on finding just the perfect one.

So now my family points out any television show or commercial that features garden gnomes. It’s nice to have people trying to make me happy. Yesterday Mr. Dump sent me a link to a YouTube cartoon that had a very small garden gnome appearance that made me laugh out loud.

And today in the news there’s an awesome report of a garden gnome terrorizing a small town in Argentina. Viva la scary gnome!

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We Make a Safety Video

Okay, so those of you who have subscribed to the podcast via iTunes will get this one automatically, but for those of you who haven’t (ahem) I will share an .mov version of the movie for you to watch right here.

Now keep in mind that no cows were harmed in the making of this film. Junior was, because his feet went south on him while he was minding his own business standing on ice in the driveway.

Behold, the Cow Racing Safety Video

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