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Stupid Movies You’ve Watched 1000 Times

We’re watching one of the two Scooby Doo live action movies – you know, the ones with the CGI Scooby and Freddie Prinze Jr. I just realized this is about the fifth time I’ve watched this one, the Spooky Island one. And you know what? For all the crap reviews it got when it came out, it’s not a bad movie. It doesn’t make we want to run screaming from the room, which is a big bonus.

Plus, you get the chance to hear Sarah Michelle Gellar say “Hey, I can look at myself naked” which is nice.

So this is how I’m spending my evening. Kind of disappointing, as Mr. Dump and I were supposed to be going out with my sister and her husband and another couple for dinner and a comedy show. You don’t know how disappointed I am all all this snow tonight. And I don’t think they’re going to reschedule the comedy show. I’m all boo-boo faced here.

So what stupid movies have YOU watched many times? On purpose?


Wednesday Is Idol Day

I actually forced myself to sit through last night’s American Idol. I am hoping that the reason everyone was so lame is because they were so completely overwhelmed by being in the final 24. I’m hoping.

I’m a huge huge fan of Chris Sligh, though. Enough that for the first time since Idol debuted, I actually called in and voted in an early round. He’s great, his personality is great. I want to hang around with him. Don’t you think he’d be fun to take bowling?

Tonight the girls are on. I pray they are better than the guys, because if they aren’t, that’s 4 hours of my life I’m not going to get back. Well, 2.5 because have a Tivo.