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Today’s post is brought to you by Noah’s Ark Waders, the finest waders available for your 40 days and nights of rain needs. ==== I got a new phone over the weekend. Actually, technically, I got two because I got one on Saturday and changed it for a different one on Sunday. I am loving […]


Ride ‘Em Schoolboy

Everyone is showing off the quality of the photos taken with theiriPhones, so I feel I should share a photo I took with my SideKick of Junior on aninflatable bucking bronco. We did this at the Oak Ridge Farm Stand whenthey had their strawberry festival. It’s not as good as the ones taken with an […]


Customer Service and Phone VRS Heck

I just want to vent for a moment. Oh, before we get going, VRS is Voice Response System. Or Voice Recognition System. I don’t actually know if that’s the generic name for it, but it’s the system where you are asked to enter account numbers, or say random things out loud before someone will connect […]


What I Run On

What I Run On, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck. Just a shot of the things I need to get me from the house to the office every day.