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Li’l Herb Alpert Junior

I’m scared. Really scared. Today, Junior takes his first trumpet lesson. Are you listening? Trumpet. Meaning he has to practice. In my house.

Flash back a billion years ago to the year 1976. Little Jody B went to a presentation by the music teacher about all the different band instruments available to the kids at Priest Street School. And Little Jody B chose….the trumpet. Well, I wanted to play the coronet, but the school rental instruments didn’t have one, only a slightly dinged-up trumpet. So for two years, I took trumpet lessons at school, the highlight of which was my solo performance at the annual talent show of the Carpenter’s song “Close to You.” My mom still speaks in awed tones of the brilliance of my performance, and her disappointment that we didn’t continue on with the trumpet when I moved up to junior high, because I wanted to take chorus and you couldn’t do both.

I’m still scared that a 10 year old boy will be practicing trumpet in my house. I remember what my first weeks were like 31 or so years ago. (Good Lord! 31?) It wasn’t pretty.


My Friend is a Prize-Winning Animator

My friend Andrea entered a contest to make a video for the Jonathan Coulton song “I Feel Fantastic” over at the PopSci (Popular Science) blog. She is not an animator, and I actually helped her out a smidge by forwarding a list of Mac animation software links. This is my only claim to fame related to her endevor.

She won the contest, and her fabulously fantastic video is available on YouTube.


Are You Ready for Leon?

In preparation for Leon (the anti-Noel, duh, June 25th), I stumbled upon some podcasts on iTunes of some awesomely collectible Christmas music in the form of podcasts. I’m busy grabbing as much of it as I can to burn to CD for next Christmas, on the off chance it isn’t here in 6 months.

My greatest find of the day is “Alan Parsons in a Winter Wonderland.” I don’t know if the artist is a fan or not, but I suspect he is. Either way, it’s bloody fantastic. Look up the podcast “B-Sides for X-mas” and just try to not download the whole damned lot of ’em.

I think I’m going to call my sister and ask her if she wants to have a Leon party this year. I think it could be pretty darned fun.


When You Have 2 Hours to Think

I had the really pleasant “2 hours to drive what normally takes 40 minutes” commute this morning. People, if you can’t drive in the snow, stay home and let the rest of us get to work. Of course, I have four new tires on my van, so I’m feeling a little better about driving in bad weather. Nothing like fresh treads to take your mind of hydroplaning. Not that I’m a risky driver; I most certainly am not. But there was nothing out on 117 today that should have caused it to back up the way it did. Someone is to blame, and when I find that person, I am going to give him/her SUCH an Indian burn!

Oh wait, is it politically incorrect to call it an Indian burn? I’m sorry. I meant no disrespect. Do tell, dear readers…what is the politically correct way to refer to an Indian burn?

So while I was stuck in the car for two hours, I had some kind of great idea for what to talk about today, but somehow I forgot what it was. I could make something up, but it wouldn’t be the great thing that I thought of. You know, the great thing that would catapult me to the top of the personal website heap. Make ME blogging queen 2007. But I can’t remember what it was. So I continue to flounder in obscurity. In 11 years of doing this, can’t I be the queen at least once?

Other ordinary stuff:
Video Game Review: Sonic and the something something for Wii: I haven’t played the game-game (sorry!) but I have played the really great bunch of party games a la Mario Party. In fact, I like them better than Mario Party 7. I’ve heard Mario Party 8 (due out soon?) isn’t what it could be. So A- for Sonic’s party games, or what I’ve seen of it so far. [Note: If you buy this at Target it comes with an exclusive DVD with a Sonic Comic book on it. We took a look and it’s not worth buying just for that, unless the Target price is lower than wherever else you shop.]

Music: John Mayer Continuum A. I love it. Mr. Dump loves it. What more do you need?


It’s a Christmas Miracle!

No, I didn’t get the same parking space today. That was yesterday’s Christmas Miracle. Today’s is the discovery of a website with links to some of the most obscure, fantastic and totally downloadable Christmas music EVER. You doubt me? Well, they have the Snap-On Male Chorus’s Christmas Album “Carols of Christmas”. Dude. DUDE. Do you already have a copy of Charo doing “Donde Esta Santa Claus? No? Then shut up!

Lists them by title, click the link to go to the site where you can download them. Don’t forget to come back to thank me while you’re listening to “Les Djinnes Singers – 60 French Girls with the Christmas Bell Ringers-Joyeaux Noel.”

Wow, I have some downloading to do. Foo, this post is dedicated to you.


Blogging From Piano Lessons

I am doing a mommy blogging post today because I saw an article about mommy bloggers and felt bad because I was not included. I started blogging about my pregnancy back in1997 and all about his birth and growing-uppiness. He’ll be nine in January, for those of you who have been here from the start.

But I am not specifically a “mommy blogger” because my posts, my whole site, my online identity are not completely based on my being a mother, at least not overtly. Anyone who knows me in real life knows that my son is my #1 priority in life. But as he gets older it’s harder for me to intrude on his personal space by writing about every little thing.

So again, I do not get press as a mommy blogger. Maybe that’s a good thing. But it’s one less category I will qualify for when the Webbies roll around. That’s me…a web pioneer (lookit me tooting my own horn again!) who nobody has heard of!

So okay, mommy stuff. I’m sitting on the big leather parent couch in the waiting room while Junior has a piano lesson (at Thayer in Leominster). He’s only been playing since October. The girl one room over – she isn’t always here, but she’s a tenager who has been playing for years. She plays jazz duets with her instructor and I want to tell my son to stop playing so I can listen to her. It’s very very toe tapping.

Does that make me a bad mom? Maybe that’s why I don’t have a mommy blog.