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Bring on the Video Feeds

I got my birthday present a week early (well, one of my birthday presents, I’m sure, right honey? Right?)…I picked up a Flip video camera to use for the DumpCast. It’s not the high quality one I want to fully replace the Sony that broke, but I didn’t want to have to wait until this summer to have ANY kind of video camera device. The Flip was on sale at Best Buy and I also had a coupon so bargain city!

The first results of the Flip filming is available on the DumpCast webpage (or via iTunes). The second one is being fine tuned and will be up later today. That’s two in two days. You can’t beat that type of quantity, er, quality entertainment!

Let’s just say that the first podcast features someone cheating at a game, and the second one summarizes our road trip to Maine. Cause if you can’t make a movie about your road trip, well, what kind of movie director are you?

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Happy Belated Laundry Day!

Yesterday was laundry day around Casa Des DumpTrucks. I think I personally did 375 loads of laundry. I know that there were parts of the floor I hadn’t seen in months that are now part of the family again.

We celebrated laundry day by, um, doing laundry. We also took in a showing of The Simpsons (only a couple of iffy words, I was more concerned about the content of the preview for Good Luck Chuck, or whatever it’s called, which seemed to me to be more R than PG-13, given that the entire thing was about sex) and got some shampoo at Target. (Pantene, I got the one that has shampoo and conditioner combined because I’m so damned lazy that I cannot be bothered to do them both if it involves flipping the cap on two different bottles. I haven’t done a 2-in-1 shampoo since Pert was first introduced in the Middle Ages and I hated how greasy it made my hair.)

Oh, okay, we also celebrated laundry day by playing a round of Travel Blokus (tip ‘o the hat to for bringing Blokus to my attention) and Mario Party 8 on the Wii. And then I ended laundry day by pretending I had enough money to buy a wide angle lens for my camera. (Anyone have an opinion on the Sigma 10-20mm? Is it too slow to use indoors?)

Okay, so I added a script to the page that will automatically turn key terms into links. Let’s see how much of the above ends up sending you all on shopping sprees…