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I Am Totally Stealing This

I was just reading Surviving Grady, and Red was talking about Youk’s shiner. He said this happened because of a “warm-up toss from Scenic Lowell that got away”.

Scenic Lowell. I am so stealing that. I will have to use that the next time Mike Lowell and I are in Johnny Rockets cleaning up gumballs.


We’re Number 2!

Junior’s Little League team finished the regular season in 2nd place. They had a bye the first round, which is cool, so we didn’t have any games yesterday. This morning there was a [very very damp] practice, and their first playoff game will be Tuesday. Because of the strict pitching rules in Little League being twice as strict during playoff games, they let Junior practice pitching this morning on the off chance that they run out of the regular pitchers and have to start plucking people out of the lineup to finish the game. He’s thrilled, but I’m thinking that it would not be a good thing if he had to pitch, simply because he’s never done it before, and having the pressure of trying to pitch well in a playoff game…well, I’d just rather we not have to dip into that pool without more practice.

Happy Father’s Day everyone! Enjoy all the dad-activities you have planned, even if the plan is to not have any activities.


I Want A Mom Badge

I suppose someone has already come up with the idea of mom badges. They would work like girl scout badges – if you do something worthy, you get a badge to wear on your mom-sash. Or perhaps your mom-vest if you’ve earned a lot of them.

I get to wear the “Dying in the Heat Watching Little League Games badge.”

Junior played on Sunday (he had to be at the field at 1:30pm for a batting practice before the game) and on Monday night. Even though it started later, so you’d maybe assume it would be cooler, Monday was definitely the worst of the two games, because at least on Sunday there was a breeze. Man, what a difference a breeze makes! I was seriously starting to feel a bit panicky last night about how overheated I was getting. I was pulling the ice packs out of the little cooler I had and was applying it to my neck and wrists, just to keep things cool.

So I grant myself a mom badge today (it’s lovely, it’s got bleachers with those wavy heat lines coming off of them with a background picture of a baseball.) Anyone else earn one the past few days?


Great Moments Not Caught On Film

I’m more than a little bummed the past couple of days. (What day is this? Saturday? Okay, that’s good.) Thursday night at Junior’s Little League game he hit a GRAND SLAM, the first in his life (hell, he hasn’t even hit a home run before now) and I did not capture the moment on film. Or on computer chip. For the first time, I’m REALLY mad that my good video camera is broken and that I haven’t been able to replace it. I mean, what if he never hits another grand slam? My parents weren’t able to make the game and I won’t be able to share the moment with them. And trust me, they’ve been to enough games where we’ve all had to say “good try” to him because prior to this year his mad baseball skillz were, well, lacking. He had none. He had a lot of heart and loved to play, but well, never quite pulled it off. He couldn’t hit and he couldn’t catch. But now, he hits everything and his glove is a baseball magnet. (In addition to the grand slam he also hit a double, for 5 RBIs on the night) I think you should all put him on your fantasy baseball watch list cause he’s gonna rock the big leagues.
But I can’t show it to you because I don’t have a video camera. Grrrrr.


A Hittable Pitch? PSYCH!

Way to go, Buchholz. We’ll try to give you a little room, and not be too harsh if you falter a bit in your next start, but we are looking forward to VERY GOOD THINGS from you. Okay?

I’ll even forgive you for being called up so that there was no chance I would see you start at my first Pawsox game yesterday. (Holy crap, what a great place to see a game. Even though we got creamed by the Scranton Yankees. Even though our seats were in the middle of the row and the people on the ends didn’t have a firm grasp on the art of letting people by.) Next year we will definitely grab more tickets earlier in the season. And I can’t say that the fun of the day didn’t have anything to do with the family we went with – thanks P, L, A and C for a lovely day!

Junior (and the other two boys) got the Pawsox team baseball cards, so we have the Buchholz card front and center today.


Preparing the field

Preparing the field, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.

I told you we had good seats! Actually, when we got the tickets we assumed we were in the 6th and 7th rows. However, when we got there we realized the rows started with C, not A, so we were in the 4th and 5th rows.

So that was two Sundays in a row we went to Spinners games. What the heck am I going to do *this* Sunday, now that it’s a habit?

In non-baseball chatter, anyone doing anything fun for the 4th? We’re going to just roll out of bed late, fire up the laptops and the grill, and relax. I suppose if I were really awesome like Chuck ( I would have planned a day out taking photos, complete with maps, GPS and a field guide to small bugs and flowers. Maybe I’ll just take more photos of my feet, as they are creepily very popular and got a lot of people into my photo stream. (My foot picture is actually of gumballs, with the feet used as a reference for the size of the container.) If I’m going to do that, I’m going to have to put a new coat or two of nail polish on my toes. Too bad I don’t own white and blue, I could make little flags!


My New Backup Team – The Astros

We attended out 2nd Lowell Spinners game in as many weeks (actually, more like a week because they were both Sunday games) with great GREAT tickets right behind home plate. I mean, right behind home plate. I will post pictures later, but you brave souls not afraid to go look at my flickr account will see a couple of them now.

We ended up sitting next to 5 players from the opposing team, the Tri-City Valley Cats, a single A affiliate of the Houston Astros. They were all pitchers, and they were sitting in the stands next to us with clipboards and radar guns. They were SUPER NICE GUYS given that they were “the enemy” and I swear, if the one who talked to us the most will be my favorite ball player if he ever gets called up to the majors. Mr. Dump tells me that based on the fact that they were just drafted and are already in the single A Penn League team, they are fast tracking up. I will have to find out their names so I can set up Google Alerts to tell me if they are ever in the news.

My heart belongs to the Boston Red Sox, but it can’t hurt to have a favorite National League team, right?


Wish You Were Here

Hi kids!

Just popping in with a quick one so you won’t think I’ve fallen off the roof or anything. Up to my armpits in stuff to do, and BDT has suffered greatly. Let me just share with you then, that in the past couple of days I have gone to Canobie Lake Park, a baseball jamboree for a league we aren’t in, our final playoff game, a Lowell Spinners game, in addition to doing laundry, mowing the lawn and grocery shopping.

I assume eventually we’ll get into the “lazy” days of summer, but so far, no go.

Junior started camp today, so we have that routine to get used to. He’s already left something behind; I wish we had set up some kind of pool on how many days in it would take for him to not bring all his stuff home. We also could have set a value as a tie-breaker. The item left behind, his water bottle that you put in the freezer overnight, was worth about $4. So, because I didn’t have a pool set up, I can official say I won!! My prize? Finding something else to freeze to send with him tomorrow because it’s going to be 95 flippin‘ degrees.


Identified Flying Object – Pool Party!

We had baseball games on Saturday and Sunday this week. The difference between Saturday’s sauna game (I thought I was going to pass out at one point – I can’t imagine how the boys in their polyester uniforms and knee socks handled it as well as they did) and Sunday’s wearing-three-layers in the drizzle game was staggering.

Interestingly, the IFO (because after a minute it was no longer a UFO) incident happened on Sunday, when it would have seemed more appropriate for the hot day.

We were standing, watching the game, when suddenly we saw a “balloon” take off from the neighborhood behind the ball fields. We quickly realized it wasn’t a balloon, but more of a flying donut with strings or something hanging off of it. I decided (and others agreed) that it looked like a flying pool toy – our assumption being that someone had a helium tank and had filled up an inflatable pool ring with helium, turning it into a balloon.

What an odd site. I would have killed to have my camera. Or to be on hand when the thing finally landed somewhere and people have to figure out how they ended up with a pool ring on their roof.


ball field, 8:00am

ball field, 8:00am, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.

8:00am. That’s early on a Saturday. Hell, it’s early on a Tuesday. Our team had the 8:00am practice slot today, so off we went, coffee in hand. It was much warmer than I’d expected, given how chilly it was during the game last night. It was actually a great morning to be outside playing baseball. I just wish 8:00 happened a little closer to 9:30am.

By the way, there’s a project called “24 Hours of Flickr” and anyone who wants can upload a picture that they took on 5/5/07. The Flickr people are going to look through all those photos (oy!) and put the best ones into a book. I am not nearly as good as half or more of the people using Flickr, but I’m getting better. This photo was my entry, because I was thinking to myself that baseball is a huge part of many people’s lives this time of year. And there’s something about seeing an empty ball field that just looks sad, somehow. Now I know that later in the morning, this was a bustling spot, but not at 8:00am.

My two backup photos, one of a glove and one of my flowering crab apple, are available on my Flickr page (click my name below).