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Speedy Delivery Pizza

Over on Gizmodo there is a story about a pizza oven that you can plug into your car’s lighter. I think this is awesome on so many levels. I’m sure you will all agree with me when I explain.

1. Pizza rules. Everyone loves pizza. If you do not love pizza, I don’t think you and I can be friends any more. I’m sorry, but it’s just that our friendship would be based on a lie, and I can’t have that. So long, I’ll miss you.

2. Sometimes, driving makes you hungry. Or maybe it’s that driving is boring and I tend to like to eat when I’m bored, which may explain the closet full of circus tent clothing. But just think, no more will I grocery shop while hungry, because I can cook a pizza in between my house and the grocery store. Sure, I might have to take the long way to the store, or sit in the parking lot while it finishes cooking, but hey, pizza!

3. How many times have you been invited out on a picnic and thought “gee, I wish I could have pizza instead of cold cuts.” Well lookee here, you will be the belle of the ball with your car-based pizza oven!

4. Goodbye, stinky Pine Tree air fresheners, hello pepperoni-scented upholstery!

Seriously, do you really need any other excuses to run out and get one of these? I think not.

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Oh, for the Golden Days of the Lubritorium!

lubritorium, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.

Headed up to Lowell to watch the Spinners game in the rain yesterday. We lasted four whole innings, which is 4 more innings than I wanted to spend in the rain, thank you. But hey, it’s all about the kids, isn’t it? So when my 74 year old mother became insistant that we go to the game, we went to the game.

While we were waiting at a light in Lowell, I looked over at the gas station with the “It Kicks” sign (see my photostream on Flickr for that one), Haffner’s, I spotted this sign on the wall of the garage: Lubritorium. I think that may be the greatest word in the history of words about places you can go to get lubed. No, really.

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First Weekend of Summer

This weather makes me want to nap. A lot. Had to get up early for a 9am appointment and ran two errands but now the rest of the day is free. Except for the need to get groceries, but who wants to do that. I’m sure I can make a meal out of items found around the house. I can pretend I’m on Iron Chef, or that show they used to have where you would hand a chef $10 worth of stuff you bought at the store and they would have to make a meal out of it. My $10 worth of food could be made up of canned goods. What can I make out of baked beans, canned yams and chicken noodle soup. Mmmmmm, that’s good eatin’!

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Archives, We’ve Got Archives

[Editor: Found the list. Whew!]

I was pawing through the old Dump archives just now, because I was looking for my old blogroll list. I know I kept a copy of it before I deleted the code off my website, because sometimes I’m smarter than I look. Except I can’t find it so I don’t know that I do actually have a copy. In which case I am a huge moron.

Junior was sitting with me, and he wanted to know if I had anything written about him from back when he was born. There isn’t a lot in the main dump, and that’s likely because a)having a baby sucks up all your energy, man. And b) I had created a web page just for him, but I can’t find any trace of it anywhere. So sad to lose your history like that. And I know I’ve already written here about not being able to find the page, but that’s just something we’ll all have to live with. My obsessive-compulsive hoarding disorder (not formally diagnosed, but sometimes you can read about something and there is NO WAY you don’t have it) means that I will freak about losing web pages FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

It’s so fun to be me.

He had this to say to me after reading a post about his first trip to the playground: “That’s why I like water slides. It mixes slides and swimming.”

Okay, well, now I have to try to figure out what I did with the list of sites that were on my blogroll. This does chap my hide. And my lips.

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To-Do Volume Two

I know a lot of you who follow me on Twitter or FB know that last Saturday’s to-do list was a bust. Very hard to accomplish anything at all. The Gods were against me, I tell you.

So do I need to decide: do I work from a to-do list this weekend or not? And if so, is it okay to fill it with things like

  • drink a margarita
  • put a new color on my toes
  • Buy a little something for myself
  • play some Sims 3

Or do I have to add a line item about cleaning all the crap off the ironing board and fold it up for the first time in 2 years?