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Thanks, Dom DeLuise

Our family loved Dom DeLuise. I remember watching Dom’s movies with my family when I was young – especially the Burt and Dom movies. We loved watching Dom crack up in the outtakes. I remember when Mr. Dump and I spent a weekend in Manchester, Vermont, and the desk clerk at our hotel told us that a local pizza place was “Dom DeLuise’s favorite”. Guess where I HAD to eat dinner that night? A little dive place we never would have found. I can’t tell you if I liked the food or not, but I was just happy to be able to say that I ate dinner at his favorite place, whether it was actually true or not (he apparently had a home in Dorset, 6 miles or so from Manchester so he must have had at least ONE favorite place in the area).

I was looking at his filmography today, and realized I’ve seen the majority of the stuff he’s done, including Charlie Horse Music Pizza, the show Shari Lewis was doing when she passed in 1999. He’s acted in some of my favorite movies. Ignoring the biggies, I’m a big fan of Johnny Dangerously and Wholly Moses. I just love his work.

So thanks, Mr. DeLuise, for making me laugh for, well, my whole life. You made the world a funnier place.