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Month: March, 2009

It’s a Paul Blart Life

As I may have mentioned here before (it’s getting hard to differentiate between Facebook and Twitter updates and the blog itself, although anyone who reads the blog sees my Twitter updates over there on the right) Junior and I went to see the movie Paul Blart, Mall Cop because it was filmed at one of […]


Giving Up on Blogrolling

I tried to be patient, but it’s just not worth it. They got massively hacked last fall, it took six months for them to rebuild their site, and then they launched it, sort of. Kind of. Not all functionality works. If you don’t pay twenty bucks, whenever one of your readers clicks a link, it […]


Wearing of the Hat

When I dropped Junior off at his “before school” care program, a little kid, maybe in the first grade, ran up to him. “How come you aren’t wearing a hat like mine?” The hat in question was a green plastic leprechaun hat covered with green glitter. It was truly a thing of beauty, probably the […]


Enough With the Damned Changes!

People are afraid to buy things these days because so often they become obsolete within days or weeks. Usually the problem is that you buy something that in two months will cost less for all kinds of extra bells and whistles. It’s pretty heartbreaking when that happens, I can honestly say. I’m in kind of […]


Oh, Happy Fun Day

The Boy came home from school sick yesterday. Sore throat, headache. My yesterday evening, I felt like I had been run over by a truck. Or a bus. Or a truck carrying new busses. Something like that.So we’re both home sick today, because a)I have a horrid earache now, and b)he’s sick and someone has […]


Daylight Savings Passed on to You!

I detest DST right now. Tonight, when the last small flickers of daylight are lingering at 7pm I may feel differently. But right now? No. Especially because the neighbor’s dog was not kind enough to sleep in. I need to spend some time outside enjoying the sun. Tommorow the high will be 25 degrees colder […]


Sometimes, It Really Knows Me

I am on the computer bright and early to look at my checking account balance, which will determine what I can and cannot do this weekend. Except my Mac doesn’t seem to want to open the budget spreadsheet. That’s so cute, it doesn’t want me to get all upset!


I Coulda Been a Filmmaker

It’s sleep over night at Chez Dump. The regular cast of characters are present, including the gerbils and the dog. We’re watching an MST3K movie. Good Lord, if I ever stumbled upon this on my own (the chances of which are slim to freaking none, given how horrible the damned thing is) I would only […]


I Told You So

And THIS is why the sandals are still in the closet. Stupid weather. The shedding of February for March was a total ripoff. Listen, March, you only get one chance to make a first impression.