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Month: December, 2008

Who Are They Marketing To?

I heard a commercial on regular radio today for XM/Sirius (or Sirius/XM, or Sexius. Hmmm. They should have called it Sexius.) They were trying to convince me to buy their service because of all the stations they provide, including, apparently, an all-Elvis station.

Okay, are there really that many people out there thinking that an all-Elvis station is the one thing they are missing from their lives? Do people even listen to Elvis in that kind of quantity anymore? I have no issue with a random Elvis song every once in a while, but an all-Elvis station would gnaw on my nerves pretty quickly. Also, the people who are paying for Sexius, are they in the Elvis target demographic? Elvis was popular 50 years ago. His original fan base is pushing 70 or even 80. Are they listening to WBCN in the afternoon, hearing the ad, and ordering satellite radio?

I mean, maybe they are. I was in it for Red Sox games and Opie and Anthony. Anything is possible.


The Weather is Lovely This Time of Year

I uploaded a handful of the photos I took yesterday while we were out and about looking for someplace with electricity who could sell us some coffee, preferably hot and in a cup with a lid. The pictures don’t do the view justice, but it’s the best I have to offer you, my adoring fans. Do me a favor and click on the link and at least look at a couple of the other ones so that I don’t have to post them all here. You don’t want that, do you?

I believe we were in the Sterling area when I took this one. There was a soul-crushing amount of ice on the trees in that town.

Rt 190 S Fairyland, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.


Ice storm 2008

Ice storm 2008, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.

The view this morning. Power went out around 11:30pm last night – it is still off. My iPhone connects me to the web while hypothermia sets in. It’s so freaking cold in the house.


Everything geared towards ME!

This is odd. But I should expect no less. Background: I had two movies that scared me when I was a kid sort of stuck in the back of my mind for 800 years.

I signed up for a free trial of Netflix (after my friends just raved) and I found one of them – The Innocents – and re-scared myself again. The other one I only have fleeting memories of. Once upon a time I worked pretty hard to identify, given I could only remember a couple of scenes. At the time I narrowed it down to one movie that had the closest desciption to what I remembered.

So I was just looking at the new release list on NetFlix, and there is the OTHER movie. What will I have as a goal if I watch this movie and no longer have to search for it??

(the movie is called The Shuttered Room.)


It Is “Drag the Tree Up From the Basement” Day

Ho ho ho ouch.


It Is "Drag the Tree Up From the Basement" Day

Ho ho ho ouch.


Others Do It Better Than I Do

I was going to attempt to give you guys a link a day for the December Advent season, as my gift to you. But I forgot to do it Monday and Tuesday and now it seems late.

So I will pass along one of the cooler links I’ve run into recently. It’s a Hubble Telescope Advent calendar. Man oh man, space photos blow me away, ever time. I snipped the url for you, but it points to


What Amazon Thought I wanted to buy

On the left are two photos I took with my iPhone and uploaded via the new iPhone Amazon App. Apparently a human looks at the photos of things you see that you might want to buy and tries to match the photo so something amazon sells. The items on the right are the things they felt best matched my photos.

What Amazon Thought I wanted to buy, originally uploaded byBig DumpTruck.

So it’s a fascinating application and use of human slaves at Amazon, but really, does my USB snowman really look that much like a cat?

No, I don’t think so. I looked myself in Amazon for the first item (I happen to know the manufacturer, which is cheating, yet) and found of of the various styles they sold: