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I Hate My Shoes

I do no like my winter shoe selection. I’m quite unhappy with it, to be honest. I don’t have enough very comfortable shoes that are also stylish. It’s hard to keep your feet happy when you have to go to work somewhere with dress code. Granted, I’m not trapped in nylons and high heels (I’d quit) but still, they’d be happier if I was than with my personal take on business casual.

So yesterday, when it hit 50-ish, I was actually wondering to myself if it was time to take the sandals out of storage. 50! You know last fall, when it dropped to 50 for the first time, that was not even a consideration. I practically wrapped my feet in wool and animal skins to keep them warm. But in spring, why a 45 degree day feels like summer!

This morning it was snowing when I woke up. I can totally understand why winter is a depression-a-thon. The sandals will have to wait for another day. Certainly not Easter Sunday, which looks like it will have a high of 37 for the day. Ya. 37. Nuff said.


4 thoughts on “I Hate My Shoes

  1. Hang in there — it’s the last day of winter. And Easter is just too damn early this year. Can’t wait to bite into the big chocolate bunny my mom bought Boo. I’m sure he’ll understand, since Mommy gave up chocolate for Lent.

  2. Junior is 10 and not a big fan of chocolate so I stll get to eat the chocolate the Easter Bunny insists on leaving.

    I will say this is the only time of year I get a craving for white chocolate in the shape of a small, furry mammal.

  3. I must tell you – I wore sandals TODAY! (Then again I am in NC…)

    My sleeveless Easter dress and strappy sandals are going to make for one mighty cold outfit on Easter morning at church. Supposed to be about 41 that morning. Hmmmmm.

    I snuck a chocolate bunny into my husband’s luggage this week for his travels. Can you BELIEVE he forgot it this AM when he checked out? However, he did say that there wasn’t much left.. LOL.

  4. I wear sneakers outside when I go to the gym and the new ones now are just like netting, so the wind blows through them. When I ran last fall at Doyle, I had on 2 jackets, 2 pants and my feet froze. I am sick on this weather.. Enough wind today to knock off some branches and rip through my jacket and pants and feel like I am walking around naked….. argh

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