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Month: March, 2008

Stop Putting Songs in My Head!

Email friends of mine have successfully put the song “Brand New Key” into my head. It’s been there for two days. Stop it! Stop it!

I came up with a book title yesterday. I don’t have a book to go with it, but I’m giving the book title away for free. If you use it, be sure to at least send me a free copy of the book. And then I’ll pull a Wright on you and go on some anti-American rant and people will stand on your front lawn and yell things about you because you took my suggestion for the name of your book. HA! I will PWN you!

Here is the title:

English as a 10th Language

Okay, so go get writing. I’ll be sitting here thinking up titles. I’m working on one right now, the draft version is “English as an 11th Language.” Too clichéd?


I Just Found a Dangerous Site…

Noticed an ad at the bottom of my page today for and I have a feeling I should just mail my paycheck to them.

I wonder if I can set up a wish list with them?


In DirecTV Hell

As you’ve undoubtedly heard by now, there was some kind of massive (nationwide) outage that impacted NESN and ESPN2 and therefore people who got up to start their day with a cup of coffee and the season opener could not actually see it on television.

We were among those who had to resort to listening to AM radio inside the house. Not cool, DirecTV, not cool.

Granted, we were already up at 6am, but I’m betting there were a LOT of people who set the alarm just that much earlier.

At least we won it, 10 innings later (not an easy win, and not a pretty one, but a win nonetheless).


melting ice

melting ice, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.

The last signs of winter slip away. The day might not have been as warm as I would have liked, but I spent more time outside today than I have in at least 5 months, so all is good with me right now.

I would just prefer to have another good day puttering around with a camera instead of facing another week of work, but what are you going to do?


Hey, Easter Bunny

We could skip the candy if you would just bring me a warm, sunny day. I realize that Easter is way early this year, so normally we’re dealing with April temps instead of March ones, but still, I have certain expectations about Easter that just aren’t going to be met.

Historically (and I mean back when I was a kid through recent years with my kid) after Easter dinner we would get in the car and drive over to the Leominster State Forest and look for salamanders and fish. I know, seems silly, but you must know, Easter Bunny, that you were the one who would bring us the butterfly nets that we used to catch the salamanders. You do remember that, don’t you?

We took all the kids (and when I say that I’m referring to my son, niece and nephew) to the park a couple of times to either throw a frisbee, a baseball, or fly a kite. All things I do not want to do tomorrow because it’s going to be too cold. So I’ll ask again; instead of sugary stuff, can you give me a 55 degree day with puffy clouds and no wind? That would rock. (Of course, I wouldn’t turn down the warm day AND some of those chocolate covered marshmallow rabbits that I love…)


Not a Moment Too Soon!

This morning, while looking for something in my bedroom a pile of stuff that should not be in a pile but hey, that’s my life, I found the lined leather mittens I’ve been looking for all winter. So that is certainly handy on the first day of spring. It’s about as appropriate as finding your lost bathing suit in October.

So let’s see a show of hands; do I leave the mittens in the pile, because now I know where they are, or do I take a chance and move them into the big bag of hats and mittens that will soon have to be washed and put away? It could be risky, either way.


Words I Never Want Associated With Me

Okay, now that we’re over the lady with the toilet seat embedded in her behind, we get this lovely headline:

Woman Goes for Leg Operation, Gets New Anus Instead

I’d rather have my ass absorb my toilet seat.


I Hate My Shoes

I do no like my winter shoe selection. I’m quite unhappy with it, to be honest. I don’t have enough very comfortable shoes that are also stylish. It’s hard to keep your feet happy when you have to go to work somewhere with dress code. Granted, I’m not trapped in nylons and high heels (I’d quit) but still, they’d be happier if I was than with my personal take on business casual.

So yesterday, when it hit 50-ish, I was actually wondering to myself if it was time to take the sandals out of storage. 50! You know last fall, when it dropped to 50 for the first time, that was not even a consideration. I practically wrapped my feet in wool and animal skins to keep them warm. But in spring, why a 45 degree day feels like summer!

This morning it was snowing when I woke up. I can totally understand why winter is a depression-a-thon. The sandals will have to wait for another day. Certainly not Easter Sunday, which looks like it will have a high of 37 for the day. Ya. 37. Nuff said.


My New Measure of “A Good Day”

If I can say “Well, at least my ass didn’t grow around my toilet seat” I’m having a good day.


My New Measure of "A Good Day"

If I can say “Well, at least my ass didn’t grow around my toilet seat” I’m having a good day.