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The Story of the Little Hamster that The Mom of the House Threatened to Kill

Izzy is cute, that’s for sure. She should get down on her knees and thank the good Lord above that she is, and that I love my son, her owner, because she would have been released into the snowy wild this morning if I had my way.

You see, in the middle of the night I had to go and move her cage because she had decided to move all of her bedding and a lot of her food into the “wheel” section of her cage. And when she decided to run in it in the middle of the night, all the bedding fell back out into the tube and left only the seeds, which rattled around as she ran. And ran. And ran. It was like someone shaking a pair of maracas.

So at one in the morning, I stumbled downstairs with the cage, shoved stuff out of the way and put the cage on the counter. I then stumbled back upstairs to try to fall back to sleep.

This morning Mr. Dump broke the news to me that I hadn’t pushed things quite far enough out of the way, and Izzy spent a large portion of the night chewing through the strap of a [discontinued] Vera Bradley purse that she had pulled in through the wire of the cage.

I am so very very very angry with her. There had better be a letter of apology on the door of her cage when I get home tonight.


12 thoughts on “The Story of the Little Hamster that The Mom of the House Threatened to Kill

  1. Hamsters are like POWs, their main goal in life is to escape from said cage. The little rat bastards are very very clever. They also LOVE the honey-nut sticks that hang from their cage. I thought you should be forewarned.

  2. Hey, long time, no trade comments! Thanks for stopping by over at my place.

    (If I had some good hamster tips, I’d put ’em here. Unfortunately, I don’t.)

  3. I felt the same way when I was working on my dissertation at home and one of my cats body checked a cup of coffee three feet across my desk and toppled it straight into the keyboard.

    I seriously felt like killing her, but I knew I could never explain that to my two sons who dearly love her. She avoided me for about three days, and the laptop was okay after a frantic call and dryout instructions from Fujitsu.

  4. I am nice. (At least it wasn’t a Coach bag!) Plus Mr. Dump’s follow-up after breaking the news to me was to promise to buy me a replacement. I won’t be able to get exactly the same one, because I got it in a discontinued bin last year. But I’m sure I can find something I like.
    Anonymous…three feet! That’s impressive! Suldog – don’t you think you could go out and find some?

  5. Jody, take the bag to a shoe repair shop. The nice chineese guy in my neighborhood is amazing! He also happens to be my neighbor accross the street and I get home delivery after he’s done 🙂 They should be able to seam it, it may just be a few inches shorter.
    Also, we have 2 hamsters(dwarf ones) 10-20 gallon aquariums with a mesh top is the way to go, no mess, no chewing stuff up.

  6. Those hamsters are clever little things…I had one escape from it’s cage when I was a kid and chewed a hole though the WALL of my closet into my mother’s bedroom. Needless to say…she was not happy.

    And the hamster quickly found a new home.

  7. Funny how when your kids get a pet, they are interested in it for a bit, then it’s the parents that wind up doing most of the care and feeding of it. Been through that with rabbits, cats, etc…no more … When they have their own place, kids can get any animal they want. Jerry

  8. Don’t forget that eBay is a terrific source for long-discontinued Vera Bradley patterns. I buy all my Vera Bradley bags there.

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