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Funny Bones Tournament 2 Results

The kids did great on Saturday – they ended up placing 5th out of 36 teams (they were in 3rd after the qualifying rounds – simply amazing to me). What got me excited is that the team I wanted to win if we couldn’t was the Pink Flamingos from Fall Brook School, and THEY DID IT! This was the team that we beat in the finals last week – they only lost to us by 5 points. I would say that placing 2nd last week and 1st this week makes them the team to beat!

The kids are all bummed that we hadn’t signed them up for more tournaments, but back during signups, we didn’t even think we’d be able to score for more than 2 challenges, so we signed up for the 2 closest tournaments just to give them a taste of it. We had no idea they would be winners/contenders.

This gives them plenty of time to work on additional challenges and the “presentation” requirement. They have to come up with some kind of project on renewable energy. Knowing these guys, it will probably be a good one.


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