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I Wore Sandels Today

I snub my nose at the calendar. I don’t care if it’s October 19th (it’s the 19th, right?), I decided to wear sandals to work today. You see, I have a ton of cool sandals. I do not have a ton of cool shoes. I don’t even have a ton of non-cool shoes. I have nothing that I want to wear to work and that work wants me to wear, y’know?

So because the temperature was going to hit seventy today, I thought I’d wear sandals even though it was supposed to rain today. And I’d do it again. Because that’s the kind of person I am. That’s how I roll.

(I’m just killing time until a charity crumb apple pie finishes baking. A co-worker’s kids go to a school that does this fundraiser…they make hundreds of these pies and sell them, uncooked, for ten bucks each. I love me some apple pie, and I like to support charities. Everybody wins!)


2 thoughts on “I Wore Sandels Today

  1. Socks and winter shoes are what we are wearing today over here.

    What a great idea for a fund raiser, save me a slice – do you have English custard?

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