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Month: September, 2007

Cabrera You TOOL!

I'm blind with fury. If I were at that game, I would have yelled some very choice words. Actually I was here but I had to kind of FCC them with Junior watching. I said "You french word for shower!"Grrrrrrr.


Jody Makes Her Life More Exciting

Let’s see. Probably time to do that post where I try to make my life more exciting. I should post about something that could never ever ever happen in real life, certainly not to anybody I know. So this morning my dog discovered a naked bank robber passed out by my pool. What do you […]


A Hittable Pitch? PSYCH!

Way to go, Buchholz. We’ll try to give you a little room, and not be too harsh if you falter a bit in your next start, but we are looking forward to VERY GOOD THINGS from you. Okay? I’ll even forgive you for being called up so that there was no chance I would see […]