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Bathroom Ninjas

There are two Ninjas in my bathroom. They are both sort of orange and clear and they are sitting on the counter. If I didn’t have a 9-year-old son, I would worry. “How did I get ninjas in my bathroom? Are they here to harm me? Why are they on the counter? Did I already brush my teeth?”


3 thoughts on “Bathroom Ninjas

  1. I was at a bridal shower this weekend and found GI Joes in the bathroom. They were attached to an 8-year-old boy, who somehow got dragged to the shower. He kept asking his mom, “Aren’t there any kids for me to play with?” They finally had him take pictures, which he loved.

  2. Only problem with toys in the shower is when you are half awake in the morn, turn on the water and step in, knock a few of them on to the floor. You then move around to figure out what that noise was and you step on them.. They sure do hurt when stepped on….

  3. Christine, oh yes, the wail of the lonely child. Good idea to have him take pictures! How many involved the GI Joes?

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