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Columbine is Cool

Columbine Portrait.jpg, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.

I like this one so I thought I would post it to my blog. My blog needed something flowery to remind you that it’s girl-based. I know you thought for a minute that me talking about being a mom was some kind of ruse, but it wasn’t.

The background on this is actually little white rocks, but the depth of field makes it look like marble or something like it. Maybe a snow drift. Okay, maybe not.


5 thoughts on “Columbine is Cool

  1. I love columbines. My mum sent me seeds from England and one of my neighbours told me they are considered as weeds here!

  2. Looks nice — snow is a 4 letter word from May on to October..

    BTW – son left San Fran on his bike and should be almost to utah border tonite (ely, nv). Said 60mi uphill in Sierras was not as bad as doing 120mi in 15mph headwind with 100 deg+ on rt 50. It’s the “loneliest road in US”. Aug 12 should be touch town in Wash DC… cross my fingers.

  3. Yikes…I’m still stunned that he’s taking that trip. I’ll pop over to your site to see if there are more details.

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