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A Thousand Freaking Degrees

I am working from home today because I HAVE A REALLY NICE BOSS [*waves*]. Except it’s about 95 degrees outside so I can’t even go play outside. I was going to buy some flowers and plant them but I do NOT like 94 degrees so I’m in the house, working.

If Junior didn’t have a baseball game tonight I probably would have driven to the beach or something. Ya, because this body needs to be SEEN! Oh wait, no, strike that.


2 thoughts on “A Thousand Freaking Degrees

  1. Glad you could stay home..
    My new boss doesn’t care if I ever go into the office.. fine by me.. Last boss wasn’t pleased if I did a Friday at home. I still burned through $430 on the gas card with local trips last month including one NYC round trip last month and my son’s car. ouch !
    Yesterday with the help of my wlan extender, I did get a sunburn while working outside on the laptop. Jerry

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