6 thoughts on “What I Run On

  1. Like your Disney keychain, very nice.

    I feel like the only person in New England who is not in the cult of Dunkin’s coffee. I don’t drink coffee (neither does my husband, so I guess it is just the 2 of us). But I swear, you Dunkin coffee people are like a cult! I hear it is better from the store than brewed at home… I am thinking they put something very addictive in their blend, I dunno.

  2. I swore off coffee and feel so much better in the afternoons. My pic would include some meds (due to years of being overweight) and vitamins too.. Down 49 lbs as of today.. Only another 51 to go !! although the weight loss is slowing down.. Found in the nice weather that walking around the outside of the whitney mall is pretty decent plus prevents me from stopping and dropping some greenbacks. Hope folks are not on the road this pm.


  3. Holy crap Jerry, that’s AWESOME! So if I stop drinking coffee I’ll lose 49 pounds? Consider it done!

  4. If it has to be Dunkin’ it has to be Medium Hazelnut Black. Although that seems to be very difficult. Keep experiencing the “Do you want fries with that?” syndrome, as in yes, I am sure I absolutely do NOT want any kind of dairy or sweetener. I am sweet enough as it is, thank you. Despite the no-calorie coffee, I must admit I haven’t seen the 49 lb shrinkage. Maybe if I start doing cream, and THEN stop doing it?

    PS – Must admit Starbuck gets the better of me (or my paycheck) – just staying away fro the harsh ones – like Verona, French and Italian Roast, and categorically away from anything Extra Bold. Anything South-American is usually quite lovely, even the bolder ones.

  5. It must be the season for ‘self-improvement’ as I’ve cut down on soda and coffee, and joined a Curves gym in an effort to lose some weight.

  6. Don’t miss the first day of spring (aka the first Dunkin Donuts iced coffee of the season). Weds. Dunkins gives away free iced coffee.. weeeeee

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