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Month: March, 2007

Our Lady of Chlorine

Our Lady of Chlorine, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.

I had to stop by and see my friend Peg today, and we made arrangements to meet up at Hampton Beach. I of course took at least a couple of photos. This is one that I like just because I’m sort of stunned by how close the Church is to the water slides. As in practically touching. Maybe parents bribe their kids to go to Mass in the summer?

Feel free to check out the whole set on Flickr.


America Runs on Something Else

As seen at Hampton Beach today. I’m glad Mr. Dump wasn’t there to see it. He would have needed medication.

America Will Have to Run on Something Else


Full Day

I’m a teeny bit annoyed right now, because I didn’t get to use the camera at all today. This was not the most relaxing day, can I just complain about that. Some woman I don’t know was talking to me in the cafeteria yesterday, about how she’s just as busy on weekends as she is at work during the week. It’s just a different kind of busy. Today was a different kind of busy. We did grocery shopping, laundry, baseball tryouts, Target and Dick’s Sporting Goods errands, picked up dog poop in the yard, dishes, more laundry, get the house picked up a bit because Junior is having a sleep over tonight. Oh, ya, his first sleep over.

So I finally sat down to eat something (I had chicken breasts, chicken stock, canned mushrooms (shut up, they work better in the crock pot) and cream of ‘shroom soup in the crock pot all day. Served it over No Yolk egg noodles. It made me happy. The boys were eating something else and ended up asking for some of the chicken, and Junior even asked for seconds. I’m still stunned. But they are off playing Roller Coaster Tycoon and I’m finally sitting down at the computer. Ahhhh.

p.s. Baseball tryouts went great. I was terrified he’d be awful because he literally hasn’t touched a ball since last summer. He more than held his own in there, and I was SO happy. And hey, when he had me hold his glove during the batting part of tryouts, a kid hit two foul popups into the bleachers and I held out Michael’s glove to catch them. Everyone was actually cheering me the 2nd time it happened. In your FACE, other parents!


I Must Have Done It Wrong

I was reading Dilbert creator Scott Adams’ blog and he said Google Alerts tell him when people like me are talking about him (“Hi Scott!”). I have had Google Alerts turned on for about two years now, and seriously, the only thing it ever tells me is my reviewer rank on Which isn’t all that great, by the way. Maybe I should review a couple of things, and try to make the reviews helpful while I’m at it.

Before any of you guys feels the need to point out that he’s an internationally famous, and might I add, beloved cartoonist, and I’m some slightly crazy woman who can’t quite keep up with the dishes while trying to become an internationally famous and beloved writer-photographer-interpretive dancer-Wii Champion.

Well, I’d write more about this, but I think it best if I head over to Amazon and review a couple of things. And then I’m going to play Virus2 for a while ( Please don’t blame me if you get hooked.


Boursin Cheese Kicks Butt

Today’s lunch: A turkey sandwich with boursin cheese, caramelized onions, tomato and leaf lettuce.

Anyone have a casket? Because I died and went to heaven.

I would have enjoyed it without the turkey, even. I love a boursin and tomato sandwich. Of course, caramelized onions put it over the top. There are only two ways I like to eat onions. Caramelized and in beer-battered rings. Never ever ever raw. But cooked onions (sauteed or deep fried) rule. And french onion soup counts because it is made with caramelized onions.

Sorry, had to find a drool bib just thinking about it.

Friday’s List of Jody’s Favorite Cheeses
American (sorry, I won’t lie)


Cream Cheese (Does this formally count as a cheese?)

I’ll put up with a lot of the others – I like blue if it’s in a stuffed mushroom or salad dressing. Provolone is okay, but not a favorite. On of the few that I can honestly say I don’t like is Swiss, which bugs the heck out of Mr. Dump. I just don’t like it. I don’t like sourdough bread. Swiss cheese is the sourdough bread of cheese.


I’m Ambivalent

I’m ambivalent about Wednesdays today. Normally I think they are okay, but today, I’m not so sure. Maybe if it was warmer, or if Wednesday was payday. I may have to move Wednesday slightly further down on the scale.

Then again, it is the halfway point in the workweek, so it has that going for it. (See, I’m not going to say hump day because all the adolescents in the audience will start giggling and I will be forced to give you the stink-eye. You don’t want that.)

Wednesday: good or bad?


Idol Recommendations

Okay, a few weeks in and I am ready to give my twenty five cent view on Idol for the boys.

1. Hair matters, but only if it doesn’t. Chris Daughtry didn’t have any, and I loved him Chris Sligh has a lot, and I love him.
2. Change your name to Chris.
3. Don’t sing a Stevie Wonder or Freddie Mercury song unless you are a complete moron.

There you have it. Good luck, gentlemen!


Words travel in packs.

I’m going to give shout-out link love to Mr. Crunchy today. If anyone here loves Disney, or hell, hates Disney, you’ll enjoy his DIY Diznee. Beth, this means you. And when I say Beth, I mean both people I know named Beth who are Disney addicts.


Selling Myself to the Highest Bidder

I am on my own site a lot, and I tend to use my links to find stuff at Amazon because it’s right there. You know, I’m all about ease of use. What I realized is that Amazon dinged me on my commissions for all the times I clicked my own link to buy something. That’s not cool. Granted, in the old days, my readers used my links for EVERYTHING and one time I got a check for almost a hundred dollars. That certainly helped out with my hosting fees back in the day.

So instead of using that link when I’m buying stuff (and trust me, I buy a lot of stuff) I am looking to use someone else’s link to buy stuff. If you are an Amazon Associate, drop a comment with your link and I’ll check out your site. If you are already making money from advertising, be honest and mention that. I’ll share the love around, but I’d rather hit the little guys first, as I’m a little guy. I make ZERO money doing this, so I know what it’s like. And conversely, feel free to use my links when you are shopping. What are friends for?


Quick Snack Review

The cafeteria, ever health conscious (and I say that in a good way) started carrying those trendy “100 Calorie Packs” of snack foods. These are a MUST HAVE if you are trying to reduce your food intake without completely depriving yourself. 100 calories worth of Doritos may not be much, but it’s better than no Doritos, or even worse, the Big Grab of Doritos, which is what I used to eat.

Today I tried the Chips Ahoy thin crisps. I did not have much hope for these, I’ll admit. I thought they would be along the lines of communion wafers with magic marker dots to represent what should have been chocolate chips. Color me surprised! While much smaller and denser than a regular Chips Ahoy, those chips, while small, were real semi-sweet chocolate! They tasted like cookies, even if not exactly like a home made TollHouse cookie. But for a 100 calorie “get the snack monkey off my back” treat, these rate an A in my book.

See Also: Newton Minis Strawberry. If you like Newtons, these might do the trick. I’m one of those freaky people who actually likes Fig Newtons. But these were a nice alternative. I had a bag the other day, and enjoyed them. I have a bag in front of me that I’m going to save for the weekend, but it says 130 calories a bag. So it’s higher than 100, but it’s made with whole grain wheat flour (!) so it has that going for it. Neither one is recommended for a low carb diet, but I definitely recommend them for snacks. And the 100 calorie snack bags of Doritos. Those seriously and completely rock.