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Month: February, 2007

Got Your French Toast Supplies?

Storm’s a ‘comin! Did you run out and get milk-eggs-bread yet? Cause you know it’s a law that you have to. We need to go grocery shopping for realsies, and now I dread it. You crazy french toast making people…you’d better leave some bread and milk behind for those of us who actually have none […]


Longing for the Warmth of January

You know, usually this time of year, we bitch and moan and crab about how sick we are of winter, and how we wish it was April or May already. Me, I’m fondly remembering the warm, lush days of January. Whoda thunk it. Well me. I remember thunking to myself “Boy, we’re going to be […]


I Don’t Hate Comcast Users

I just found out that anyone from Comcast trying to send me email was getting some sort of bounce message. For like a year now. It’s not me. I don’t hate you. But something about a bank of mail servers at my hosting company was having a tiff with Comcast and the result was me […]


So Boring

Wow. Some boring game. If we had been in there insteadof the Colts, the score would have been about 70-6. And where the hell were all the good commercials?


Lite Brite Bombs

Over on Universal Hub, I’m following the threads on the “Bomb Hoax” (which wasn’t, it was an ad campaign, fyi). I posted all my thoughts there in one of the comments, so I’ll only excerpt here. Oh, and the title of the post was my utterly original reference in my comment. I was so proud […]