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It’s Backup Day!

I’m working from home because Leominster called a snow day, so Junior is trying to figure out how to make snowballs out of sleet. Someone is bound to get hurt, I just want to call that one early. The conversation will sound a lot like

I got hurt!
Put some ice on it.
That’s how I got hurt!

I decided it was as good a day as any to burn some backup DVDs. Actually, I’m starting to think I should have burned backup CDs. Sure, I can store many gigs of content on a DVD, but it takes a good half an hour or more to burn one. Sheesh.

There’s nothing that feels better than doing a backup of my photos so that I won’t be as nervous about the laptop pooping out on me like the last one did. I also did a backup of some of the stuff I’ve purchased on iTunes recently. Heavens to Betsy, I don’t want to lose anything I actually paid for!

I was practicing taking snow photos with the new camera, but I’m still in the learning stages. I think I will be for a long time. I have started to “get it” about certain settings, but I can’t say that I know which ones to use to get the results I want.

I also practiced taking pictures of the dog, because it was a lot less cold and wet sitting on the floor in front of him. The thing I need to try to figure out (and I don’t know if there’s anything specific to this in the manual) is how to take a photo through a window without it auto focusing on the screen. I think I may have to use manual focus. Wish me luck!

[Link to Phantom Photos ]

Update 2:47pm: I also took some bird pictures but I don’t think they came out nearly as well. One of you is going to have to pony up for one of the Image Stabilization lenses I want for my camera. The zoom one they just released for a thousand dollars will be just fine.


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  1. It does make it a nice day when you don’t have to worry about a spouse or other family member out on the roads. Plus then maybe they will make you hot cocoa to sip while you sit at your computer, and that’s pretty awesome.

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