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Deal or No Deal

Among the other things Santa showered on Junior was a small handheld Deal or No Deal game.

There is something wrong with the game though, and I couldn’t get it to turn on yesterday. Mr. Dump was able to somehow get it running, and played a single game, winning $750,000 bucks. (I resisted the urge to give my notice at work this morning.)

I just got the following email from the homefront:

Junior: Dad, my Deal or No Deal won’t turn on.
Dad: I know. I think it’s broken.
Junior: How did you turn it on the last time?
Dad: (hitting it against the counter) I hit it.
::: Music plays – game starts :::
Junior: Thanks… I think.

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Holy Crap! Jerry is right! I went to and looked up my address! My parent’s address doesn’t get close at all, but mine does. Now I’m not telling you which of these is mine, as I don’t need stalkers, and I’m sure you can tell exactly what you’re looking at with this micro view, but sheesh!

Man, that’s pretty good. We should all write messages in our lawns for the next time they do a flyover, eh?

Okay, other freaky deaky photo thing that happened was I was browsing the telegram online version and saw a photo and thought “Hey, that looks like a picture of me.” Now I’m the first person to say I’m not in the running for America’s Top Model, so let’s not go there. But this looks like a picture of me, especially the smaller version because in the bigger one her glasses are thicker and the wrong shape, etc. etc. But trust me, I’m sure there are people who know me doing a double-take if they see this picture. Which they will because I’m posting a copy on my website.
I will let the people who know me weigh in. Does this look like a picture of me or what? It’s okay, be honest. I should try to pose for a similar picture, but that would require me to buy a suit and get really upset about something so my eyes and face are red and wet with tears. I’m not that dedicated.

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Explosion or Accident?

Mr. Dump tells me that the power went out at home in North Leominster, after he heard a series of “loud booms” that could have been explosions. He saw 5-6 fire trucks and ambulances go by. No idea what it was, but I’m guessing it’s not good. I’d love to hear if anyone knows what happened…

{update: Mr. Dump tells me that he has already spotted two of the fire trucks doing “other things” (engine 3 was at Shaw’s) so maybe it was just the transformer on Prospect Street blowing up a squirrel again.}

{{Another Update: Mr. Dump ran into some guys working the problem who said it was a rabid skunk in the substation. They assume rabid because of the time of day. I can’t think of anything worse than having to clean up a freshly exploded and fried skunk carcass.}}