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Deal or No Deal

Among the other things Santa showered on Junior was a small handheld Deal or No Deal game.

There is something wrong with the game though, and I couldn’t get it to turn on yesterday. Mr. Dump was able to somehow get it running, and played a single game, winning $750,000 bucks. (I resisted the urge to give my notice at work this morning.)

I just got the following email from the homefront:

Junior: Dad, my Deal or No Deal won’t turn on.
Dad: I know. I think it’s broken.
Junior: How did you turn it on the last time?
Dad: (hitting it against the counter) I hit it.
::: Music plays – game starts :::
Junior: Thanks… I think.


2 thoughts on “Deal or No Deal

  1. Hope Santa was good to you too, Jody. He was very good to me — enough so that I just went to Home Depot and replaced my stove and micro. More later… (I like to tease.)

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