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They Should Bite the Bullet

Oldies 103 is already playing Christmas music 24/7. Why don’t they just play it all year long? Sheesh.

I adore Christmas music, you know I do. But 24 hours a day and not even Thanksgiving?


8 thoughts on “They Should Bite the Bullet

  1. It’s a grand conspiracy to send us all into homicidal rages by the middle of December. For what purpose, I do not know. Only one month and ten days until December 26th!

  2. Awww, Foo!!! Embrace your inner elf! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! (heh)

    I love everything about the next few weeks. EVERYTHING. All the things you listed on your site as not liking (which breaks my little heart). I can’t wait to pull out my nativity set and make my Christmas train go around it! Joseph and Mary attempt to get a room at my Department 56 Dickens Village “Grapes Inn” but are turned away. Okay, I’m exaggerating, I don’t mix them like that. But twinkly lights? They make all the bad things in the world go away.

  3. Unless the twinkly lights are in your neighbors yard to such an enormous, extravagant, tacky level that he (1) makes the news each year and (2) causes it to take you 30 minutes to get into or out of your driveway due to the gawkers and (3) said gawkers like to pull into or block your driveway to see the whole stinking mess.

    I used to love Christmas decorations, really, I did.

    Maybe a nice sugar cookie and a few hours of Carols on the radio would help….

  4. I did something I’m not proud of: I listened to the Christmas music. I immediately felt guilty and shut it off. I will say that if this gorgeous weather holds out, we may put our Christmas stuff out this weekend and not light it up for a few more weeks. Thanksgiving should be the line in the sand.

  5. Hah! Like I am gonna tell you where I live now! That would be inviting more traffic to my street. Sorry Jody. Maybe I will email you photos instead. :O

  6. Guess it’s a plot to get you to spend $$ before black friday by playing Christmas music to get you in the mood. Prices will be tanked friday, I seen ads for $500 notesbooks, and $700 32″ lcd tv’s… Get you to spend now before prices go down.

    I have given up on FM, I put XM in 2 cars and house. Guess the FM people they can only make $$ off of people that are 40’s target market or teens. If you are outside this range, you are dirt.. Guess 103 has gone downhill since there are half dozen 70s stations and had to resort to Christmas Music. 101.5 (RI) and 106.3 (NH) have at least a mix of music if you can get a good signal on them. Enjoy..

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