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Month: November, 2006

Book Review – Jody’s Nano Novel

God, so far it stinks to high heaven. I do this every year, and every year, while I can see the page numbers increasing with each passing day, the stink factor also increases expodentially. My step-daughter asked if she could read what I had written already, and I told her no because I don’t want her to read it and think that I’m a horrifically bad writer. Well, maybe I am no matter what, but I don’t want her using the first 17,000 words of my nano novel as a benchmark. “Ya, my step-mom calls herself a writer but I hope she doesn’t quit her day job.” Well, until switching to business analyst for my current contract, I could say “hey, I am a professional writer!” for the past 17 or so years. That’s kind of neat. I mean, other than looking at that number. I’ve been doing that for how long? Yeesh.

Okay, so anyway, I should be working on my NaNo novel instead of writing this or I’m never going to get caught up…


DisneyLies — your source for bad Disney information

DisneyLies — your source for bad Disney information

Okay, if you’ve ever been to Disney or ever wanted to go, this site is a laugh-out-loud fake travel guide. Everything in it is a lie – my favorite kind of site!


Ho Ho H,,,,It’s a Little Early for That

I have witnesses. I saw something on the way home tonight and I took the family back out with me so they could verify that I wasn’t losing it. A house very definitely had a lit Chistmas Tree in their front window. A LIT CHRISTMAS TREE. I love Christmas, we’ve discussed that before. But I have rules and Thanksgiving is the line I have drawn for doing Christmas decorating.

On the other hand, we all watched the move Elf last night, so I have my faults as well. But watching a movie isn’t the same thing as putting up the tree.

Tonight’s movie, by the way, will be Cars. I love watching fun family movies!


Worst Bumper Sticker of the Day

Driving down route 495 this morning, I saw the following bumper sticker.

“Never, never, never, never shake a baby.”

Sweet Jesus, where have I been? I treat babies like martinis! I really do wish I had seen this bumper sticker years ago. I feel like such a jerk now. Thank you, lady in the ratty old car, for being brave enough to take a firm stand on such a controversial topic. I hope the baby-shakers don’t key your car.


It’s a Sweep! (Non-Political Post)

Hey, Mr. Dump called a chimney sweep in Maynard (Chim Chimney) and not only did they take his call, they are going to come out and clean our chimney in less than a week! How excited am I? I can’t begin to tell you. Well, I did begin to tell you, but you know, you have to fill in the blanks. It’s been WAY too long since we got the chimney swept. Like, I don’t think we’ve ever had it swept. We don’t have many fires (in the fireplace, not in the chimney, duh) in any given year, and 80% of the time we’re using the fake logs, so our risk is lower than a heavy wood burning fireplace. And we have used those logs that are supposed to clean out the chimney. I assume they are crap and a waste of good money, but it made us feel like we were at least giving it the old elementry school try.

Well after Tuesday I won’t have to worry about it for the whole rest of the year! Woo!


But, What Will Happen to the KFed Coverage?

Are you telling me that Britney is casting aside the boil that is her husband, useless waste of space Kevin Federline? Does this mean we won’t be seeing his ugly mug on tv and magazines any more?

I don’t know what to think.


Movie Review: Flushed Away


Positively fantastic. Great script, great plot, parts of it laugh out loud funny. Humor more highbrow than what we’ve come to expect from a kid’s movie.

I absolutely loved it. Best movie I’ve seen in a year or two…I think I liked it better than Cars. I actually want to see it again already, but I will wait for the DVD. *sigh*



Email conversation yesterday

Him: I’m headed to the store. Do you need anything?

Me: Yes! I need sparkly shoes, some dress pants and a tiara. And a dSLR camera and a Macintosh computer. Oh and a Tylenol because my neck hurts.

Him: One Tylenol, coming up.

He’s funny, that one. And speaking of dress pants, what happened to the word slacks? You just don’t hear it much anymore. Or at all, unless you spend a lot of time with folks who remember hearing the news live on the radio that Pearl Harbor had been bombed.

I’m not even sure if slacks are different than dress pants. I should look up the definition of slacks, I suppose, but I’m supposed to be working on my Nano novel right now, instead of having this conversation with you. I think what I’m going to have to do is work this entire post into the novel. That’s the only way to make everyone happy. Luckily, that won’t be too difficult because as of this moment, 2400 or so words in, my novel is about a compulsive shopper. So actually the entire conversation is appropriate. It’s just that my compulsive shopper (who I believe I will be naming Olivia (or Liv to her friends) would actually buy those items. I didn’t even end up with a Tylenol.


Another Debate

Kerry Healy…good Lord, how can anybody vote for her?


1/50th of the Way There

I am 1/50th of the way toward completing the NaNoWriMo 2006 challenge. 50,000 words in 30 days. I’d stay and write more here, but these words don’t count.

It was really weird to have to wake up and go to work this morning. Shouldn’t Halloween always occur on a Friday or Saturday so we can sit home the next day and just eat the loot?