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Scrub-a-Dub-Dub, No Soap in the Tub

We ran out of soap in the shower. Around the house, we use pump bottles of Dial Complete. But in the shower, we use Coast. I think because the commercials claimed it would help us open our eyes in the morning. I have to tell you, after a couple of years of using Coast, it has yet to wake me up. I think that maybe, just maybe, the commercials were exaggerating. A little. Those people would enter the shower half asleep, take one sniff of the lather, and practically prance around the wet tub. A lawsuit waiting to happen, really.

So anyway, we ran out, and I couldn’t find any at CVS or Target. Please, do not tell me that they have discontinued Coast. I will be VERY VERY UNHAPPY if yet another of my regular products has been discontinued. We’ve discussed this before, so I don’t need to rant about it again. I will take deep breaths and assume there was a big sale and I just missed out on it and they sold out. So there.

We have this Coast body wash stuff that we bought thinking it would be similar enough to the bar soap that we could use it as a replacement. No. It is very thick – I think it’s hard to rinse off. And it has a strong, flowery kind of smell. And for some reason, when I use it, my Secret Solid doesn’t work as well as it should. Too much information? Maybe. But there you go, I’m a sharer.

Full disclosure: The Dial company didn’t pay me one thin dime to hawk their soap products. Not a single five dollar bill. Can you believe it?