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Where is My $5?

I’ve been maintaining this website for almost 10 years now. Not once in that whole time has anyone offered me $5 for hawk a product on my site, as was mentioned in an article in the Globe. Where is my $5?

Sure, I have Google ads that I’m not allowed to talk about (but I can tell you that I have yet to see any $$ from those) and the referrals have dropped so much in recent years that I haven’t made the threshold to get a payment since Christmas. So ya, when I signed up for a referrer link in case anybody else wanted to try their hand at selling stock photography, because if I can get an extra penny, why not.

But darn if nobody’s offered me five bucks. Or the 8 figures John Daley mentions of a friend’s site in his take on this. Sheesh. And last year, when I said I’d rename the blog after whatever company was willing to put a pool in my backyard or build me a garage? No takers. Not one. Now I’m all depressed. Thanks a lot, Boston Globe.

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How to Deal with the Heat

Here is Jody’s Top Three Tips for Dealing with Yucky Hot Humid Weather.

1. Eat a lot of popcicles. Humidity bad, popcicles good.
2. Hand your son a high-powered water gun. Chase each other in the back yard. This has the added bonus of letting you pound on your kid mercilessly all in the name of good clean fun.
3. Sit very, very still. Arrange for someone else to fan you.

I did two of the three this weekend. I can tell you that Toys R Us has a package with two water guns in it for only $8, and we had a total blast. He’s got better aim than he used to have, the little bugger. But it felt REALLY good.

Now the boys are playing a baseball game on the GameCube (MVP Baseball 2005), and they are seeing how many out-of-control plays they can make. As in, they’ve got the catchers literally running all over the field and making all the plays themselves. Jason Veritek keeps tagging out guys running between 2nd and third. One double play took about 5 minutes to complete.

Oh, and another thing is that I set myself up as a seller of stock photos on If someone downloads one of my images, I get 20 cents. And the way they are set up is for $140, a user can download 750 images a month, encouraging people to download stuff even if they don’t actually specifically need an image, just because they can. I know someone who signed up last week and has had two of her images downloaded already. Anyway, you own the rights to your images, and you can sell them simultaneously elsewhere. shutterstock just acts like a consignment shop. And if you are more a designer, you can also upload clip-art, backgrounds, and other vector graphics.

So, thinking you’d like in? Use me as a referral so I can get an extra penny or two, wouldja?

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98? 98?

Crap, it’s going to be 98 on Saturday. And I don’t know if the party we’re going to is going to be inside or outside. If it’s outside Mr. Dump will last exactly 10 minutes.


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A Million Billion Years Ago

I was going to post something for the amusement of some of my long-time readers, and then I started to wonder if I actually have any of those any more? I know a few folks who do drop by from time to time, but I don’t think they are regular readers. So then I’d have to explain everything to you. Okay, so I’ll do it anyway. Turns out it isn’t the first time I’ve revived this classic Dump feature.

Lord of the Dance Update
Michael Flatley, everyone’s favorite Lord of the Dance, is back with a new show called Celtic Tiger. It’s apparently about the history of Ireland. According to the LotD himself, he hired a “young lad” from a Welsh rugby team to help him train, and he’s been dancing 12-16 hours a day for the past 20 weeks or so, to get in shape and prepare for this show.

12-16 hours a day of dancing? I can’t think of anything I’d like to do for 12 hours a day, except for maybe sleep. I wonder what you have to eat to keep the right level of calories for that type of activity? I imagine his grocery bill is fairly high.