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Month: April, 2005

Rot in Jail, Girls!

[Updated stuff at the bottom]
I won’t let myself type the rant that I want to in this place, as the main purpose is to be amusing (for the most part) and I don’t find anything amusing about this news story.

By now all you locals have heard about the melee down at the Chuck E. Cheese in Leominster. A woman and her husband asked a group of thugs to let them take one picture of their 11 month old daughter, after the thugs had hogged the photo machine for an hour.

The thugs let them take the picture, then started swearing at the mother, and eventually started beating her. Apparently she was in a fetal position on the floor protecting herself while her husband held their daughter and other patrons tried to break up the fight.

The three who were arrested were 21, 18 and 14. And I hope they throw the two older ones in jail and throw away the key because really, is there any hope that these sub-humans will be productive members of society in any way, shape or form if they beat a woman senseless in a Chuck E. Cheese in front of dozens of school children celebrating birthday parties, etc.? Or hell, beating up anyone for any reason, never mind something as simple as asking if someone else can use the photo booth they’ve been hogging for an hour. Cripes, when I was 21, I could think of several thousand places I’d rather hang out than Chuck E. Cheese. I didn’t hear if either of the older winners were there with small children (which would be bad enough, but I think it’s worse if they were just there to hang out) and I have no problem with C.E.C. instituting a “no thugs allowed unless accompanied by small children.”

So anyway, I’ve blind with fury about this, mostly because I’m a mom who has taken her kid there for a birthday party, and to have some mouthy trash from Fitchburg come in and do this in front of little kids (never mind just doing it at all)…well, let’s just say that I’m sure I’d start saying things that are not nice, and then maybe the committee to protect mouthy trash from Fitchburg would sue me or something.

So, girls, I hope you rot in jail for a long long time! Maybe you’ll have time to think about how the world does NOT revolve around you, and that you do not have the right to do what you want when you want to whoever you want. And special note to the Leominster Police: Take this opportunity to crack down on the groups of kids who hang out in the mall entrances. Last night some charming young lady was crashed on the ground begging people for cigarettes. There is no reason for these kids to gather in the entrances blocking the doors, swearing up a storm in front of my kid. This is how all these problems start.

Huh. I guess I did rant. Sorry about that.

[Update: According to the Fitchburg Sentinel, they were there for a birthday party for a 2 year old. The aunt of the three who were arrested saw nothing, and the lawyer for the 18 year old says the mom slapped her first. Given that other witnesses say differently, lets assume she did touch her in some way…does that make it okay for others to pigpile on and kick a woman laying on the floor? No. It doesn’t. Oh, and the 18 year old’s prior record was for assault and Battery for “a violent incident where she bit off her aunt’s finger at their home in Fitchburg last November, according to court documents.” Are you kidding me? This is the innocent party? Try again, ladies.]


MSN Search Engine Stinks

If you are here because you entered a search on MSN for something of questionable nature, thinking that maybe I was going to talk dirty, you are going to be sadly disappointed. This is a very family-friendly website. I have no photos of the things you are looking for.

The reason I say the search engine stinks, is that I’m guessing that I am the least-likely website to be the current number one hit for the following search terms (that I will put here as graphics so they don’t trigger the search engine in the future):

No way am I going to put this in the alt text

Can you imagine? The number one result! Let’s hope I get bumped from my perch soon. I’m feeling all gross right now.


Southwick Wild Animal Farm

Just off Route 16 in Mendon MA is a little (relatively) zoo called Southwick Wild Animal Farm. We (Junior, my parents and I) took a little trip there last week when the weather was just perfect for that sort of school vacation week outing.

I think I was just seeing how he handled himself in a zoo so that when my step-kids are here we can head out for the bigger Stone Zoo or Franklin Park Zoo. Or Roger Williams Park down in RI. (So kids, if you are looking at this – fear not – we’ll be road tripping to one of those one weekend soon.)

Here are some pictures from our day at the zoo.

The last few pictures were taken at the Lego Store in the Solomon Pond Mall – where Junior got to help make a marketing poster out of Legos (and got a little thank you gift for helping).


Jody Rewrites a Song

“Friday, Friday
So good to me
Friday morning
It was all I hoped it would be
Oh, Friday morning
Friday morning couldn’t guarantee
That Friday evening you would still
Be here with me”

Wow, that was easy. Weird Al Yankovich has been ripping people off all these years. It’s easy to write a song parody!


Dog Tired

I’m exhausted today. Our bedroom was about ten thousand degrees last night thanks to the 87 degree day, and although they said the temps would drop like a dead duck in the evening, that cold front didn’t pass through until the middle of the night. So I just couldn’t fall asleep at all.

Then I couldn’t have coffee in the morning because I was having a fasting blood test (Oh my God, maybe the woman doing the draw needed another cup of coffee too…my whole arm was in pain) and the lab had a line about 10 people deep.

Yesterday I bribed Junior with Dairy Queen to get him to go to the Mall at Whitney Field with me. I wanted to run to JC Penny and Circuit City. Note to all stores that sell computer cables: Apparently HP has decided to move from a 6-pin firewire port to a 4-pin one. That means you have to start carrying 4 to 4 cables. Circuit City, I especially mean you, because you sold me the computer. You need to have the appropriate accessories. I bought the next to the last 4 to 4. Staples and another unnamed store didn’t carry them on the shelf, but they could be ordered. That isn’t good enough for me.

So anyway, the Subway sandwich shop is open again down at the mall. I think I met the manager (or the owner?) and she seemed very on top of things, and concerned about things like filth. As in, they weren’t selling soda from the old machine because she was concerned that it was completely gross. Now THAT is a good manager. Big high five right there. And Auntie Anne’s is open again, so my main gnoshing needs are all being met.

Today: 30 degrees cooler than yesterday. I don’t think sleeping will be a problem.


More About Our Patriot’s Day

Adam seems to think we were up at the crack of dawn, but unless his dawn cracks later than mine, it wasn’t bad. We were at my sister’s in Littleton by about 8, and left there soonafter. We did get stuck in some traffic on the back roads, and when we were about 6 cars away, they closed off the road we wanted to take to get us a bit closer to the action. This just meant we had a slightly longer walk than we wanted, but it was incredible out yesterday so the walk was amazingly pleasant. I’d say if you’re going to try to be right next to the bridge, you’ll have to get their early, but we opted for the other side of the river looking down (next to the Visitor’s Center) and even getting there at 8:45 there was more than enough room to see everything. Plus, we were so close to the parade that at one point we had to duck to avoid being hit in the head by one of those poles that they use to hold the banners that identify the group marching.

One of the more amusing things we witnessed happened when a group marching from the Fenn School (in Concord) ended up stopping in front of us while everyone waited for some ceremony down on the Bridge to finish – 95% of them spent the whole time staring at and talking about the kids marching from a high school in Naples Florida. Specifically, their cheerleaders, pom pon girls and color squad, all of whom were dressed in the traditional short skirt “uniform”. It was pretty amusing to watch them watching the girls.

For the record, we thought it was pretty cool that the Naples high school marched in the parade, even though they were the only marching band that wasn’t somehow tied to Patriot’s day (either by being local to Concord and Lexington, or by dressing the part. Apparently they just wanted to come up to experience history firsthand, as it were, and to actually walk across the North Bridge. So they did. How much do we take it for granted that these amazing historic places are right in our backyard?


Pictures of Independence

With apologies to our British friends, here are a couple of photos of us whooping their butts in Lexington/Concord today. I will have some stills taken from the video I shot as soon as I get the right cable to hook the video camera up to the new laptop. I would just do this on the desktop, but darn it, I want to use this laptop for video editing!

So forgive the quality of these two images…I used the video camera’s “capture” function to pull a low res image from the digital tape. But for now, its better than nothing. Click on the first one to open up a window for a few pictures we took with Junior’s camera (my old one).

And luckily, once again, the British retreat, so we get to be the United States for yet another year.


Live at the North Bridge

What a great experience! Unfortunatley, I forgot to explain the story to Junior ahead of time.

More later with a few pictures.



Sheesh. People, please, if you’re going to take your pants off to catch some rays, try not to do it right next to the mini golf course. I’m begging you.


Happy belly

Oh my good God, if you haven’t ever had the seafood chowder at the Maine
Diner in Wells, Maine, what is your problem. Whole clams, big chumks of
lobster meat, scallops and shrimp. I think next time I’m just getting a
big bowl of that with their huge corn muffin and I will be a happy happy

I don’t know if this will work, but here is a photo of one of the clams
in my cup of the chowder.

Oh, and here is the step-daughter chasing birds. See, I don’t need to get a dog, we just let the kids go run on the beach. (Don’t let the pretty picture fool you – it was 45 degrees up there…)