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Queen for a Day

Ah, the eve of the big birthday bash. Tomorrow is the celebration for my birthday, along with all the other family members with birthdays between Jan 6 and Feb 6. Of course, most of the people I invited for me are unable to make it so it really is mostly a party for Junior. I hope he doesn’t think we’re going to throw this big a party every year.

I will have many more details after the party tomorrow. I also invited a handful of the local readers (those who participate the most, really) to represent the group. I hard back from 3, and 2 can make it. (I keep wondering if the 4th person actually got the invitation. I’m sure all of you are now thinking you were the 4th invitee. That’s actually very clever on my part, isn’t it? Sure, each and every one of you was the 4th invitee!)

Okay, so enough about that. We finalized our vacation house rental on the Cape this weekend, and now I’m just going to count the days until August. Good Lord, I’m sick of winter! Lastly, I took Junior to get him fitted for his ski boots. I just remembered why I don’t ski. I hate crowds, and I hate crowds where everyone knows what they are doing except me. I wanted to run screaming, but couldn’t. SO many people. I guess it being 40 for the first time in a month helped drag everyone out. But I don’t ski…never have (well, I did cross-country for a very brief while, but I’m talking downhill) and mostly likely never will. I think I’m just not cool enough. And I only like to do things where I know exactly what’s expected of me. That is totally not the case with the whole skiing thing.

Well, I guess I’m just glad it’s only four weeks. I’m sure Mr. Dump is going to want nothing to do with this. He’s like me, except he’ll just back out and leave it up to me, cause he knows that *I* will take Junior no matter how much I hate it. [I sound chipper don’t I?]