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Dumb Stupid T-Mobile

My Sidekick has been down much of today, I believe from a hardware upgrade gone horribly wrong. I don’t know…I can’t use the phone to find out.

What gives me great solace in all this is the ability to say, with 100% confidence, that Paris Hilton and I are suffering from Sidekick withdrawal together. Lindsey Lohan too. They can be the biggest celebs in the National Enquirer World, and when it comes right down to it, Little Jody from Leominster MA and Paris have the same phone, and the same issues. Cool, huh?

Oh, so party info tomorrow, I swear. In the meantime, go with Mr. Crunchy a happy last day before 40. I want to loan him my 40 tiara. Maybe he can Photoshop his face in to my picture (below).