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Candles, Anyone?

The morning DJs on WXLO were mocking those who run out to buy batteries and bread when a dusting of snow is predicted, but darned if our power didn’t go out *5* times last night…once for at least 15 minutes (I didn’t actually keep track) and yes, we had to use candles. I don’t know what I did with my favorite flashlight that converts to a lantern – the last time I remember seeing it was when we last camped at my sister’s house. Looks like I’ll have to ask Santa to bring me another one because man, it was really dark in the house last night, and you just don’t think about how you are going to get around if you don’t have everything handy. Which, of course, I didn’t because historically we never lose power. In our neighborhood all the lines are underground which REALLY helps. It also helps that we live relatively close to a small substation. The last time we had a “long” blackout, that I can think of, was the night it went out 10 minutes before they named the winner of Survivor (the one with Colby, I think) so I was completely livid because I’d watched all season only to miss the announcement of who won. Man, that’s a stinker.

I think the mini-outages last night screwed up my Tivoing of Christmas specials, which stinks. I forgot to check this morning, but Charlie Brown had been in the queue, and that was around the time we had the long one. Oh well. It could have been FAR worse.