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Month: March, 2003


Go Pedro! Go Pedro!

I love winning the first game of the season!!! Because you know that even though I’m not a member of the team I consider it a win for me.



I have been meaning to mention:

Keebler Chips Deluxe wins hands down over Chips Ahoy. I know they are amazingly similar and may in fact come from the same cookie extruder, but I now vote Chips Deluxe. The only thing that would keep me from buying them is my desire to a)not regain any of my lost weight, and b)Shaws having Chips Ahoy on sale, buy one get one free, approximately every other week. And they always go on the first endcap when you walk in the store. The weeks Chips Ahoy isn’t on the endcap it’s usually got Wheat Thins and/or Triscuits on it. I mean, let’s have some variety people.

I’m actually scared if Chips Ahoy sales are so successful that it’s almost a permanent thing. But I won’t complain, my spaghetti sauce is $1.79 or so off per big huge jar this week. I bought three on Saturday, but that’s because I didn’t even have a little wire basket.


Boogie Nose

The Boy is home with me today with a bad nose, sore throat and a low fever (100.4). Fun. Oh well, at least I don’t have to take a day off. Although I do have things I’m trying to get done. Now that I helped him finish “Mickeys’ Magical Mirror” I have been allowed to leave the couch for my laptop.

Finally saw Monsoon Wedding last night. Great movie, although quite frankly, I think the bride was miscast. I cared about almost every other character in the movie but her. If I were the groom, I would have dumped her for her cousin. Those were her cousins, right? I got a bit confused when it came to keeping the cast straight. The guy from Australia – was he a cousin? Was he the brother of the two girls who lived with the bride but weren’t her sisters? Was the Donald-Sutherland look-alike their step-father? What the…

Other than that (and hey, it didn’t stop my enjoyment one bit) I loved it. I don’t understand why it was rated R, but maybe I missed something.


Yahoo! Weather – Leominster

Tonight: Snow this evening, with continued snow showers late. Low 28F. Winds NNW at 15 to 25 mph. Snow may accumulate 2 to 4 inches.

Tomorrow: Snow flurries ending with partial cloudiness and windy conditions continuing by afternoon. High 38F. Winds WNW at 20 to 30 mph.

Oh yea. 30mph winds. Ya, my recycleables will stay in the bin. Brrrrrrr.

p.s. Oh, THAT was fun! Doing the rubbish in hail!


Hello Peoples

It’s another lovely rainy day. I’m about to go fire up a fake log, just because it’s the kind of day where you get a chill and can’t get rid of it. I think by Thursday it will be better around here.

I have to watch a movie now, because it’s due back to Blockbuster by noon tomorrow. I should never rent new movies. I know myself. And even though it was a free rental (the ONLY reason I got it) I still want to watch the thing before it’s due back. The problem is Junior has a movie HE has to watch before it’s due back. So I guess like My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I’ll be watching this one on my computer with headphones while he’s watching his. Else I’ll have to take the computer to bed and watch it up there.

p.s. Oh how I dread doing the rubbish. It’s recycling day tomorrow. I never know which truck is going to come first, so I can’t put it off. I have a whole bunch of cardboard to put out but I forgot to buy twine today, so I guess that will have to wait. Grrrrrrr.


Yahoo! Weather – Leominster

This weather report makes baby Jesus cry. (Of course, you have to read it like, today for that to make sense. If you are reading this and it’s July, you might be confused. Yahoo! Weather – Leominster tells me that it’s going from a high of 69 today to a high of 45 tomorrow. Oh, and there’s snow on the way. 1-3 inches. Ratzen fratzen weather. Tuesdays high is 38. That had BETTER be an early April Fool’s joke.


Good Day to Fly a Kite…

If you didn’t mind the kite string severing your fingers off one at a time. The wind is SO strong, and there is so much sand everywhere left over from the 40 snowstorms we had this winder. I keep thinking I should somehow save some for next winter, but I don’t imagine I have a good place to store a thousand pounds of sand.

We actually didn’t practice the biking today because it threatened to rain all day, even though it didn’t. And then the sandstorm pretty much meant he’d be riding with his eyes closed. It was bad enough when his eyes were open. (Oh, follow-up reply to Susan, I was running behind him holding the seat, but the seat is just low enough I had to bend slightly, and after 15 minutes my back was screaming. Not to mention I was keeping an almost 50 pound kid and a bike upright with one hand.


Yes, I Finished That Level

I see some people coming here from searches for “Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Ship Rex”. I didn’t remember writing about it, but I guess I did if you are finding me. I solved that level about a week ago. Two of us were killing ourselves trying to climb the rocks behind the quicksand, thrown off because of a bug in the game that makes it appear you can look THROUGH the rocks.

Okay, so if you really want an answer to something about that level, I feel qualified to answer. So far, we’ve only officially completed three levels (and I can’t even remember their names). And for a forth, all I need to do is find 4 more gems. (That’s the Snowy Peaks (?) one with the thin ice you have to swim under). Man, I’ve been up and down and back and forth that level a bunch of times…I just cannot figure out where those last 4 gems are. I’ve pretty much given up, actually. Life is too short.

Friday Summary:

Weather = great

swim lessons = great

visiting sister = great

Junior at least trying his new bike without the training wheels = a valiant effort.

I was just glad he gave it a shot. I figure it just needs to click with him. I put the training wheels back on because I’m not a shrew. He tried it, did okay, and will try it again in the future. I didn’t want to ruin the afternoon by telling him he could only ride his bike if I took them off.


Before I Forget (again)

Thanks to Honker who took time out of his busy day to not only cut out coupons for Kaboom, but to mail them to me. I will admit to having a moment where I wondered if I was getting a mail bomb (because I didn’t recognize the return address) but I figured that size envelope was probably more likely anthrax, and I could get medicine for that.

(Honk and I go way back to my old CompuServe days. Frighteningly way back, to 1987 or so, eh Honk?)


Sorry, I Have No Idea

I was just looking at the logs for how people got here, and looking at the search terms used. (Don’t worry, it doesn’t tell me WHO searched, just that someone did, and that’s how they got to my site).

For the two people who entered the following searches, I am truly sorry that I don’t have the information you were looking for. I’m wondering, though, how the 2nd one got linked to my site.

– spells for noisy neighbors

– how llama is spelled in sign language

So, to the person looking for “Pirates of the Caribbean snow globes”: doesn’t it strike you as odd to have something Caribbean in a snow globe?