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Where You Can Buy My Xmas Presents

Wowee! I’m in heaven!

Okay, one of the Dump regulars is a certified USB genius. Without him, apparently, we would not be able to plug in and power up LED Christmas trees, which would make the world a much more horrible place. I post this link for him, as he mentioned wanting the coffee cup warmer. So glad you worked on inventing USB, dude, cause I don’t know where I would be without it.

The link that got me to that site in the first place was over on Facebook – it was for the world’s largest gummy bear on a stick. Which weighs half a pound. I was thinking of getting one each for the kids but they appear to be out of stock of the good flavors. And who can blame the buying public – such a treat cannot possibly be kept in stock!

I wish I could say I got money for sending you there, but I’m willing to send you there for free. Unless they want to send me something for free. I think the USB Missile Launcher would do.

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Identified Flying Object – Pool Party!

We had baseball games on Saturday and Sunday this week. The difference between Saturday’s sauna game (I thought I was going to pass out at one point – I can’t imagine how the boys in their polyester uniforms and knee socks handled it as well as they did) and Sunday’s wearing-three-layers in the drizzle game was staggering.

Interestingly, the IFO (because after a minute it was no longer a UFO) incident happened on Sunday, when it would have seemed more appropriate for the hot day.

We were standing, watching the game, when suddenly we saw a “balloon” take off from the neighborhood behind the ball fields. We quickly realized it wasn’t a balloon, but more of a flying donut with strings or something hanging off of it. I decided (and others agreed) that it looked like a flying pool toy – our assumption being that someone had a helium tank and had filled up an inflatable pool ring with helium, turning it into a balloon.

What an odd site. I would have killed to have my camera. Or to be on hand when the thing finally landed somewhere and people have to figure out how they ended up with a pool ring on their roof.