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Blogging From Piano Lessons

I am doing a mommy blogging post today because I saw an article about mommy bloggers and felt bad because I was not included. I started blogging about my pregnancy back in1997 and all about his birth and growing-uppiness. He’ll be nine in January, for those of you who have been here from the start.

But I am not specifically a “mommy blogger” because my posts, my whole site, my online identity are not completely based on my being a mother, at least not overtly. Anyone who knows me in real life knows that my son is my #1 priority in life. But as he gets older it’s harder for me to intrude on his personal space by writing about every little thing.

So again, I do not get press as a mommy blogger. Maybe that’s a good thing. But it’s one less category I will qualify for when the Webbies roll around. That’s me…a web pioneer (lookit me tooting my own horn again!) who nobody has heard of!

So okay, mommy stuff. I’m sitting on the big leather parent couch in the waiting room while Junior has a piano lesson (at Thayer in Leominster). He’s only been playing since October. The girl one room over – she isn’t always here, but she’s a tenager who has been playing for years. She plays jazz duets with her instructor and I want to tell my son to stop playing so I can listen to her. It’s very very toe tapping.

Does that make me a bad mom? Maybe that’s why I don’t have a mommy blog.