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Product That Probably Won’t Sell

I like Junior – he’s a funny kid. I don’t know what I’d do if I was stuck with a kid who didn’t have a good sense of humor. And by good, I mean one that amuses me, personally.

This may not translate as well as I’d like, because it was part of a larger conversation, and you have to know about the kinds of snacks that parents buy for their kids these days. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of Fruit Roll-ups or Froot-by-the-Foot this is going to whoosh past you, granny.

I admitted publicly that I like pudding skin. Mr. Dump started to propose a method of exposing as many sides of the pudding as possible so that you could get a LOT of pudding skin out of one cup of pudding. And then Junior suggested Pudding Skin by the Foot. Well, that did it for me. The concept of a long strip of pudding skin that you unfold to eat brought me to tears.

But looking back, I don’t think I’d buy it. Because part of the beauty of the whole fruit roll-up product is that it doesn’t require refrigeration. If you leave pudding skin out, you’ll really have pudding jerky, and I don’t know if I’m ready for that.

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First Week of May Snack Reviews

I know you’ve been waiting for these. You’ve probably been asking yourself “Hey Me, how do I know what to buy if Jody doesn’t provide me with her personalized snack reviews?”

I apologize. You’re right, I should have been more proactive about this.

Did I just say proactive? Man, I need to get out of the office more.

Okay, not a lot of items this week, but it should get you started.

Fritos Chili and Cheese Flavor – I thought I was going to hate them. I actually did not buy my own, I ate a few out of the bag my project manager bought [waves to PM]. My first reaction was “oh my God, this really tastes like chili!” They are VERY VERY SALTY. Which isn’t a negative, just a warning. They are addictive the way smokehouse almonds are. I can’t figure out why I can’t stop eating them, but there you go.

The cheesecake they sell at Hannaford in Marlboro – I’m pretty sure this is the dessert you get when you eat a meal in Heaven. I can recommend the one with raspberry swirled in and the one with strawberries on top. I didn’t try to chocolate one that was filled with oozing caramel, but just the sight of it made me happy inside. Once again, got to try these courtesy of the same project manager who said “It’s not a question of whether we need cheesecake or not, it’s how many cheesecakes we need.” (The answer is apparently 2.)

Nerd-Filled Gumballs – I have a gumball addiction. It’s a recent one, and I try to fight it, but it’s hard. I found this enormous gumballs filled with Nerds. Now normally, I don’t like mixing gum with anything else. I even have a problem with Blo-Pops. But these gumballs rock. And the flavor lasts a long time. I rate these 5 out of 5 cavities.