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Weather or Not, Here I Come

I like living in a non_parched and barren landscape as much as the next guy, but after a week of drizzle, I was DONE with it. If it’s going to rain, it should rain and be done with it. The endless misty drizzle just sucks. It’s not raining hard enough to use an umbrella, but you need one to stay dry. It’s hard to get the windshield wipers just right because it looks like it isn’t raining but it is. I don’t know, maybe people prefer that to a good old fashioned rainstorm, but I prefer the latter. Unless it lasts for a long time, in which case I’d like to reserve the right to change my mind.

Either way, the sun is out today, and a few weeks late the trees are starting to turn. (Is it just me or does the peak foliage seem late this year?) I rented a lens for my camera (what a cool concept – being able to rent a lens so you can try before you buy) and I want to give it a try. I suppose that means there will be new content on flickr before the weekend is over.


End of the rainbow

End of the rainbow, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.

When we saw it raining with the sun out last night, Junior and I hopped in the van and rushed up to to a high, clear spot – in our neighborhood, that’s the Orchard Hills Park parking lot. Sure enough, God wanted us to shop at Best Buy so badly he gave us a double rainbow leading us there.


Let’s Pretend It’s Spring Break for a Moment

Oh, wait, it is! Man oh man, my fellow Leominster to points-east commuters must have had fun with the 117 portion of the commute like I did. I am guessing that the entire town of Lancaster will be completely under water by tomorrow morning. I wish to God I’d had my camera…the new lake behind the big yellow Thayer Conservatory (or whatever it’s called now…I haven’t been there since my sister was about 11 years old) made my jaw drop.

The normal “avoid Bolton Flats” route was also closed due to flooding. That’s a bad sign. Looking at the alternate, alternate route, that one might be out by tomorrow. Goodbye Lancaster, it was nice knowing you.