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Family Friendly Comedy Contains Suckage

I have Sirius radio in my car. It came ‘free’ with the new car (unless you think spending tens of thousands of dollars on the car should be considered part of the price of satellite radio) and I adore it. I really love just a handful of stations, but I love them so deeply that […]


Who Are They Marketing To?

I heard a commercial on regular radio today for XM/Sirius (or Sirius/XM, or Sexius. Hmmm. They should have called it Sexius.) They were trying to convince me to buy their service because of all the stations they provide, including, apparently, an all-Elvis station. Okay, are there really that many people out there thinking that an […]


Worst News of the Day

The news that Opie and Anthony were given a one month suspension for something one of their guests said on A SATELLITE NETWORK THAT DOES NOT HAVE TO CONFORM TO FCC RULES has blown my head clear off my body. I’m very very unhappy. Very.