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Family Friendly Comedy Contains Suckage

I have Sirius radio in my car. It came ‘free’ with the new car (unless you think spending tens of thousands of dollars on the car should be considered part of the price of satellite radio) and I adore it. I really love just a handful of stations, but I love them so deeply that I’ll probably consider paying real cash money to keep the service when my six months are up.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a huge Opie and Anthony fan. I used to listed to Howard when he was free and on WBCN. We’re talking ages ago, around the time his movie came out. I’ve been listening to O&A since they took over Howard’s slot on BCN. However, I like them so much more that I actually bought and paid for the little Sirius app for my iPhone to listen to them. So that’s what I listen to on my commute these days, but that station goes OFF whenever the kid is in the car.

We were listening to on of my other stations when a commercial came on for “family-friendly” comedy on channel 105. Okay, that’s cool, we love comedy! But oh my word, most of it is just painful and unfunny. And I’ve now heard the same long boring monologue about glass being liquid twice in the same week. I thought I was listening to NPR. It was painful. I wanted to drive into a tree to make it stop.

They have lots of southern comics, and Christian comics, and olde tyme comedy bits. One of the great pleasures of this station turns out to be Mitch Hedberg and Stephen Wright – God bless them for having clean material. Of course, all this does it make me angry that Mitch is dead and I won’t be able to hear any more of his absolutely brilliant work.

But anyway, back to the family-friendly Laugh USA channel. We heard two monologues today on the way home from lunch. Finally, Junior turns to us and says “Can’t we listen to the channel with the swears so that we’ll hear something funny?” Amen, little man. Another couple of years and I won’t even hesitate. But why is it to hard for this channel to find funny material that can be played in the car with a 6th grader?


Who Are They Marketing To?

I heard a commercial on regular radio today for XM/Sirius (or Sirius/XM, or Sexius. Hmmm. They should have called it Sexius.) They were trying to convince me to buy their service because of all the stations they provide, including, apparently, an all-Elvis station.

Okay, are there really that many people out there thinking that an all-Elvis station is the one thing they are missing from their lives? Do people even listen to Elvis in that kind of quantity anymore? I have no issue with a random Elvis song every once in a while, but an all-Elvis station would gnaw on my nerves pretty quickly. Also, the people who are paying for Sexius, are they in the Elvis target demographic? Elvis was popular 50 years ago. His original fan base is pushing 70 or even 80. Are they listening to WBCN in the afternoon, hearing the ad, and ordering satellite radio?

I mean, maybe they are. I was in it for Red Sox games and Opie and Anthony. Anything is possible.


Worst News of the Day

The news that Opie and Anthony were given a one month suspension for something one of their guests said on A SATELLITE NETWORK THAT DOES NOT HAVE TO CONFORM TO FCC RULES has blown my head clear off my body.

I’m very very unhappy. Very.