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Frozen fields unfettered blowing ice breath short wandering, pondering The day stretches long and lean Possibilities peak out between gnarled tree branches and frosted grass lonely birds fly with weak songs their promises of warmer days. For now, the sun is wanting and the journey long Swirls of smoke from a chimney and my breath […]


Coming Clean

I need to get something off my chest. It’s been bothering me for decades now, and that’s not good. But I have decided coming clean will free me up to be guilty about other aspects of my life.


Ode to the Wrong Shoes

Ode to the Wrong Shoes I wore the wrong shoes todayRight color, wrong brandMy eyes were tired and blurredwhen I reached into the closethoping for the bestI found them by touchand at first glancesaw brown shoes and ended my search.The cuffs of my pants hang lovinglyagainst the topBut Wait!These are the Wrong ShoesThey are not […]


The Mother’s Day Poem

This is the poem I got for Mother’s day this year. I did not expect a poem, but I was very happy to get it. It was written on a piece of foamy stuff with a magnet on the back so I can keep it on the fridge. I started to write my mom a […]


Longing for the Warmth of January

You know, usually this time of year, we bitch and moan and crab about how sick we are of winter, and how we wish it was April or May already. Me, I’m fondly remembering the warm, lush days of January. Whoda thunk it. Well me. I remember thunking to myself “Boy, we’re going to be […]