I believe these are dahlias also, unless one of you can set me straight. The purple ones on the side of the house (above) look like doubles if these are regular ones. Anyway, this post started with three little squares from a flat of 6 and now look at it...and these aren't even looking their best. After I clean it up and wait a couple of days for new growth I'll replace this picture.

Here is the clamatis I planted last year. It's a lovely shade of pink - just don't ask me the name of it. I seem to have misplaced that information.







My current favorite flowers. These are located over in front of the base of the fireplace. I was experimenting with my "perennial garden" there. I think these are too short to do the job I want but I do love them so I'll probably just move them out and put something behind them next year.

Here is the perennial garden started this year. Now that I've had time to think about it, I have ideas for what I want next year.