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I’m Not Worthy

I mean it. I’m being serious. It has been determined that I am not worthy. I was hoping I would be worthy, but there were other, worthier people. So I, and 995 others, will not be giving recurring columns on a popular humorous website. What that leaves me with is the sample column I submitted to the contest, along with the list of potential future topics. I am now free to publish them here, or elsewhere.

I actually recently registered another domain name because I thought it was very clever but right this second, I can’t even remember what it was. So maybe not all the clever. I also found another one that I didn’t register because I was a teensy bit low on cash (what with not winning any contests lately). But I may also register that one (I am not going to mention it here until I procure it, silly!)

What happens then is I have to make a decision – do I want to include those pieces here under the Big DumpTruck to try to drive up traffic from the 20 or so hits a day I get on my archives, or start off on the new domain and become rich and famous over “there.”  I’ve had this domain for 14 years. It’s not like I’m going to just drop it.

Does the photography belong elsewhere? I let my photography domain go because I wasn’t really using it and didn’t want to pay the full renewal price. (Lord, am I cheap or what?!)

Okay, enough naval-gazing. I have some superheroing to do.

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Goodbye, Worcester Telegram.

The Worcester Telegram, which ticked me off last year by apparently firing all the reporters who covered North Central Mass, has moved to a “pay to read” model. The same model that MUCH BIGGER PAPERS CAN’T MAKE WORK. The funny thing is that their online advertisers, once they get a gander at the complete drop-off in readership, are going to laugh when the Telegram tries to charge their current advertising rates. These advertisers would be better served putting fliers under people’s wipers in a mall parking lot.
No, I’m not going to pay. You hardly ever write anything about my town any more. And half the time, your headlines are so vague that I only clicked through to them to figure out if the news story MIGHT have been for my town.
I dare say, this will backfire badly, and the people who suffer will be the residents of Central Mass.